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Stupid day !

For those who doesn't know it yet, I hate Vday, especially in SH.

Since everybody got excited about this day i'm more like :

I don't want to debate about why and what but just all this rustling, cheesy, pink excitement is pissing me off. Last year I experienced it in SH and It was sooooooo annoying.

So please don't wish me a happy Vday otherwise I might bite you...

--edit-- Yeah because I turned this day into the VAMPIRE DAY !

PS: Justice, i just woke up and i found your so kind comment...

Do I need to precise I hate you even more now ?

You shall be the first one to die by my fangs as i promised.

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happy v day! ^_^
almost 12 years ago
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almost 12 years ago
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Stealing my style...biter heh
almost 12 years ago


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