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Back to life

Yeah i know i've been away quite for a while, stuck between an hectic schedule and nothing really fun to say.

Thank you to all the friends here who dropped a word, i felt loved ;)

I will try to get back in AnD from now.

It took me 2 months but here is the album of AnD halloween party. I finally got the chance to take a picture with Daniel Wu ^_^ v.

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Ghost in the shell

What a joke.

tap tap sound of my keyboard.

clic clic sound of my mouse

woosh sound of the stylus on my graphic tablet.

This is the soundtrack of my life now. I'm happy tho.

I have a job. i even have side jobs.

Work work work = rent, food, bills solved.

................ it's the sound of nothing.

Because when all the taps, clics and wooshes stop, only silence remains.

I'm not complaining, i'm observing.

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Busy busy

Just a quick note to apologize to all the people who left a message on my blog for the last month and who didn't get any answer back.

I read all of your nice words but was super busy and i admit, kinda lazy to type down anything interesting...

I've been hella busy last month with my new job (not Smile) and few personal concerns.

I am emotionally drained, half way sad, half way relieved. It's weird.

I hope now i can find time for myself again.

Don't worry, now i'm ok.

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Mon dai nai ...- Tokyo part 2

AArrrgghhh i finally managed to upload the whole album of that trip ! Crazy !

Alright, so previously we stopped at my first visit to Shinjuku.

Here are pictures from Mio's camera from Harakuju, Akihabara and Tsukishima  to catch up

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He is huge...the gundam ;)

Mio and me were lucky enough to arrive just in time to record one of that moment they bring the giant Gundam to life !

To keep this memory with me and to share it with you :

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRBto4a8frk Thank you Mio for giving that chance ! <3

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Irashaimase !! - Tokyo Part 1

Pheewww, i finally got few hours to blog about my first trip ever in Japan =D !!!

As an anime fan girl since i was kid, i dreamed all my childhood about visiting the country of manga. I wasn't excited before my departure for Japan because of few issues but now that i am here for 4 days now I am like a kid ! As you can guess it's just awesome to visit all those districts i only knew by their names and Mio is the best guide/host ever. She tried as much as she can to fill my schedule and we are having a lot of fun ...Read more

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Finally i have something to say

Almost 1 month since the last real blog, nice.

Things have been random for the last weeks. Some were cool, other were depressing or annoying.

As i don't feel like being time logical so this entry will be quite chaotic.


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It's just a little crush - episode 1

Wwooowww what a cheesy title !! Am i shooting a drama ? writing a romantic novel ?...

No, but i guess watching the whole "Sex and the city" DVD box gives me idea. haha

Actually i want to experiment a collective brainstorming around the world for a futile but entertaining topic.

Let me set the situation.

The set : the gym, people sweating all over the place. The gym is in a mall, pretty new with restaurants around, mc donalds, desserts place.

The time: week time aro...Read more

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the shortest night ever or the end of the world...almost ;)

I was lucky to be at the right place at the right moment to watch the total solar eclipse in Shanghai !

Unfortunatly today it's a rainy day so dark clouds hide the meeting between the sun and the moon. In a bright interval before the total darkness around 9.15am i could see through the clouds the moon eating the sun (Mary my mandarin teacher taught me this chinese way to say it) ;)


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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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