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I don't know why I thought my new shoes were Nike Dunk but actually it is Nike Court Force...It doesn't really matter because I love them.

As I really like Dunk shoes, I checked online what will be my next purchase... and I found them :

White and purple...my favorite...<3

Btw, I may be unable to stay in Shanghai because extending my visa more than 30 days seems impossible... Thx new laws....Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Apr 1

Back in Shanghai for less than 48h and already :

Went to XWT

Ate at Babydolls

Went to Racks

Got tipsy with sex on the beach cocktail and whisky coke

Slept at 4am

Got new nike dunk...

Welcome to my new life !

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Last week in France

I am spending my last days in France.

In one week i will come back to Shanghai for a long long long time...

It's a pretty weird feeling btw. I am so used to travel now, to have all my life in just two bags, that i don't really realize that i'm moving to China.

It's a new life. I'm excited about that. and also impressed.

Am I scared ? Not really.

I know how failure taste already since i came back from CA.

It can not be worst in China right ?

没有不可能。。。 Read more

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Back to France

I'm back to France since last night and i'm fking jetlag...

Lately i got lazy to update my blog because i was kinda sad to leave China.

But well i will come back soon for a long time so... no need to be that depressed right ?

So first let's talk about my departure party before leaving Shanghai to Beijing. It was just 3 persons that night with me (Said was sick so couldn't join...T-T ) but it was really cool to have them. Aken, Ryan, Shawn and I went to Rack's to play pool !!

I love pool but i...Read more

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Wo xiang wushu

My friend just showed me vids from collegiates tournament at Stanford that took place last week end. I was really happy to see some of my former mates from Omei Milpitas CA performing. I was also very proud of them, seeing that they improved that much since the last time i saw them...

Now I'm kinda sad because it reminds me when i was in CA practicing with them like almost everyday.

My hand miss my sword. I can't wait to return to practice wherever it is in the world. I don't care. I just want to hold my sword.

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Lanterns festival and XWT Shanghai

Last week Jun took me to the old shanghainese district Yu garden for the lanterns festival. It was really pretty and fun to walk in those streets :

Read more

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Hip hop hop hop !!

Recently I met a hip hop singer named A-ken. She is a crazy funny cute girl and I love her !!

Last week end she invited me and Said to stop by the studio where she teaches rapping and performing on stage. It was really interesting because this place is like an artists school you can see people dancing and singing everywhere. A-ken pulled me to the hip hop class and for the first time of my life i took...Read more

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WTF ?!

Ok for some reason it seems that in China, I attract girls too. O_o

I should guessed that earlier because all the females friends of my friends here kinda like me, like after meeting them for the first time they txt message me to ask me to go shopping or tell my friends they want to see me etc... It's cool because i like having new friends in a place i don't know !


But today in the metro i was talking with my friend and i noticed a chinese girl who just kept on staring at me. I didn't pay attention but suddenly sh...Read more

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Homeless in Beijing

I'm starting to prepare my stay in Beijing and maybe someone here can help ?

I'm looking for an convenient hotel to stay at. I was supposed to stay at a friend's place but he is not really close to everything... as i don't want to think about how to get home late at night...

So if anyone has any tips for me (like a clean not too expensive hotel) thx in advance ^_^

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Happy CNY to U !!

May my wishes come true this year...

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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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