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Bloodsport in acting...Eeeerrrr

I knew it would happen but well i didn't know i would like it !!

DY and Tommy pulled me to gym with them pretty often to practice kick boxing and ... i love that ! I mean ok, kicking and punching the sand bag turned my fists and my shins blue but it feels so good muahaha. But after training my body is so in pain... just laughing or coughing hurt my abs !! >_<

But well at least i do some sport haha.

Otherwise, DY made me do some acting exercices with him. It's really interesting and intens...Read more

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Crepes Orgy

As i'm very spoiled I wanted to spoil my boyz in return, so i decided to make french crepes for them. So when they've been to the gym i stayed at home nicely and cooked. It took me so long to make all the crepes (maybe 2h) because i knew they would be starving after training so i doubled the doses of the recipe and the pan was tiny...

i think it didn't turn out too bad ^_^

...Read more

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First days under the sun of LA

I am in LA ! Im in LA ! Woot woot !! bouncing around

Ok let's start with the day of the departure. 2 days before my departure, i hurt my back pretty badly and the funny thing was that I didn't even do anything for that. I woke up and ouch ! Nice hu ?

So i let you guys guess how stressed I was when i had to spend like 14h in a plane...

Breakfast at Pudong

...<aRead more

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Officially IN and almost OUT !!

  • IN because i got my artist status today ^_^ v YEAH !!

Thank you for your support everybody and Thank you AnD team

  • almost OUT because i'm flying to LA friday morning SH time !!

I didn't pack yet, i have a bunch of work as i'll be away for a while and i dunno what to bring to my awesome host in LA....

Bleh !

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Laminated List

So DY asked on his blog what would be my "Laminated List".

For non DY's blog users, he is talking about the top 5 of the celebrities I would like to sleep with, no matter what my status would be.

I had always had a lot of troubles with this kind of questions as it depends a lot on my mood and what i am reading/watching at that time.

But ok, here you go :

  1. Keanu Reeves ...<a href=Read more
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The sad ball

I step forward

You step back

I step back

You step forward

We could keep on like this to the end of time

The lights were soft, the music perfect

Your hand on my waist was just right

I was mesmerized by the melody

Delighted by your lead

I tried to follow every steps you made

Forgave you all the one you missed

But you never gave me the chance to catch you up

And I ended up by losing my balance

So I wanted to take a bow

To free you from th...Read more

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How random my life is

Don't really know how to start this post so i will just put things down with no transitions...me lazy and tired today...

---------------------- Episode 1------------------------------

It was not planned but I've been to Nike company last week and I have to say that it was like going to Disneyland ! I ended up few hours later with few bags: they gave me a white jacket, special edition for the CNY 2009 and I've been invited to shop at the employee store with all the new collection on discount...OMG I was so exc...Read more

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Different me

First i'm not an actress, i don't have any talent for that and I don't plan to become one one day... (maybe in another life because it looks cool).

But as i watched/read Skip Beat lately i got interest in acting, because when Kyoko the main character has to work on her role it's pretty intense.

No offense to all the actors who would read this, i'm not pretending an anime can teach me anything deep about this art, but you are talking to a girl who has learnt most of her values from anime and manga so just forg...Read more

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I was made to hit in Americaaaaaa !

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSIPPi6DXbY

You know what it means ? ;)

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Ex and Facebook

Something really funny happened tonight.

Ok FUNNY is not exactly the word as i'm pretty pissed right now but let's take it with humor.

In my life, there are not many things I did that I regret. I accept all my stupid acts and choices with philosophy because I take it as a lesson for the future.

BUT there's one guy I really want to forget about and...tonight he just sent me a request on facebook !!

WTF ???

To summarize, I was 19, all naive and I had a big crush on him that time but didn'...Read more

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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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