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Some tenderness

Happy Xmas to everyone on AnD !!

Eat and drink alot

Spoil your beloved ppl

And enjoy everyday as if you're gonna die tomorrow ;)

Oh and i'll come to China soon...

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Working for myself



Choose your side...

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The end of my egotrip =)

It's over I uploaded the last set of my BW photoshoot.

Now the magic spell is gone and I'm back to my normal state hahaha

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My new egotrip

I just updated a new photoshoot i did for fun with my friend Cyrille.

I said for fun but the result is not bad at all ^^

It was his first studio shooting with lights and shit and I believe he did good job !

I wanted black and white pictures and the challenge was to do pictures with different styles in the same (really poor) setting...

We had fun as non professionnal hahaha

I will post more pictures later, this is just the first selection.

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Wu Di, Berton Chang... and a little part of me =p

Wu Di did 2nd photoshoot in HK, with Berton Chang this time.

I was not there so I discovered the set like few hours ago.

I specially like one of them it inspires me as a CD cover.

If you read Wu Di's blogy...Read more

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Norm Yip Wu Di and me...

During my trip in HK I could assist a photoshoot between Norm Yip and Wu Di at Repulse Bay.

I  tryed to help for the artistic direction because Wu Di wanted some kind of "action shots" and I really thought he has already alot of wushu pics...

That's why I suggested him to try something different, something that is more about acting than action. I think all of us had fun that day and the photoshoot went pretty well.

For the moment I saw just few pics of that photoshoot but it already inspired me ^...Read more

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HK I felt in love with you !

I came back yesterday from HK and damn this trip was super exhausting !!

I slept like 12h in 4 days I didn't eat alot but partyed ALOT...

So let's start this new blog with a summarize of these 4 crazy days. I think I never did so many events in such a short periodof time.


Arrival to HK Airport

Check in hotel

MTV Europe Music Award Live at IFC

After Party at Rack's club

Friday: Ocean Park

Photoshoot with Norm Yip and Wudi at Repulse Bay ...Read more

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Ok maybe i will start this blog with my next trip to HK...

I'll go there from Nov 15th to 19th, flight and hotel are booked =)

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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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