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Ex and Facebook

Something really funny happened tonight.

Ok FUNNY is not exactly the word as i'm pretty pissed right now but let's take it with humor.

In my life, there are not many things I did that I regret. I accept all my stupid acts and choices with philosophy because I take it as a lesson for the future.

BUT there's one guy I really want to forget about and...tonight he just sent me a request on facebook !!

WTF ???

To summarize, I was 19, all naive and I had a big crush on him that time but didn't have any expectations as he was almost engaged.

And then he has been dumped by his gf "the woman of his life" like he used to say, and she started to see another guy. As we worked together, he started to show some interest... After few months of dating and promises, I didn't know it, but he got back with his ex. For more than 6 months he played with the both of us, lying, hiding, cheating,serving me a masquerade I blindly accepted... I guess he wanted to take a kinda revenge on his gf who dared to move on when she dumped him, to make her pay for that.

When I found out he pretended he was confused about his feelings and all messed up but he promised : "I had feelings for you "...

Yeah suuuuure like you can have feelings for tissues...

With my huge pride, I felt miserable, used, dirty and very stupid (no mention about the heart status). I mean I don't really care about how "dangerous" and stupid the game may be as long as I know the rules and that everybody have the same standard. If I know what are the risks and If I still choose to play, that's my pb. But don't ever lie to me because then i can be very very mean... His ex called one day at the office and I was by myself, she was shocked to hear me but not mad. I invited her to go and have a coffee the next day for a long talk... Weirdly I didn't talk shit about him, just gave her the truth to all her questions. I remember I was pretty calm that day, satisfied to tear off his angel mask because he asked her to get engaged or something like that.

He is my biggest mistake and that jerk just tried to add me as a FRIEND ????

I was so shocked that i stayed stunned for few seconds. How can he believes he can just pop in my life again, like old good friends and send me the msg "It's hard to say if it's really you".

Like we have anything to say to each other

Like i will allow him to now about my life now...

I'm debating about what to answer to him...besides "go to hell" i mean haha.

Any suggestions ? To blast him or not to blast him ?

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Uh just tell him you hate him, and that it's not likely to change anytime soon. He should get the idea and leave you alone long as you make it clear you still hate him.
almost 13 years ago
ignore him, don't accept! Setting your face book account to only for your friends.
almost 13 years ago
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petes sa gueule!! or send him a nice message (you know my style of message for this kind of stuffs:))
almost 13 years ago
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Daoyan: je propose "creves du diabete" haha mais il va pas comprendre... Mio: Haha it sounds like cheerleaders anthem ! Rene: Hell no, he deserves nothing from me. He took enough... Phat : hehe i never planned to add him don't worry. I just wonder how to answer him. Justice : Yeah i should write him something like "yeah it's really me and i don't need you to be my friend" stunti : the girl knew he dated somebody when they broke up but not that he kept on "dating" me when they got back together. When she asked me questions like "was he really sick at his parents place that week end ?" I told her he was actually with me...
almost 13 years ago
tell him " get the fuck off " !!!
almost 13 years ago
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ha, they need to invent a new type of connection on social networks - "has some kind of personal history but not friends"
almost 13 years ago
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@etchy - or "I hate this person" that'd be a nice option too hehe.
almost 13 years ago
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Haha i like Justice's idea ;) Actually fb is gay, if I send him a msg to tell him to "get the fuck off" he will be able to visit my fb for one month...wtf ? So i just ignored his request and hope he will not try later -_-;
almost 13 years ago


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