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How random my life is

Don't really know how to start this post so i will just put things down with no transitions...me lazy and tired today...

---------------------- Episode 1------------------------------

It was not planned but I've been to Nike company last week and I have to say that it was like going to Disneyland ! I ended up few hours later with few bags: they gave me a white jacket, special edition for the CNY 2009 and I've been invited to shop at the employee store with all the new collection on discount...OMG I was so excited I wanted to buy the whole shop >_<

But i've been nice and just bought a jacket and a pants...

the back of the white jacket :

Ok, my chinese zodiac sign is not the ox but yeah i liked that jacket because indeed, i'm born to lead man !

---------------------- Episode 2------------------------------

My friend John promised me a long time ago to take me to his uncle's real Italian restaurant in SH where they serve real italian pizza ! So last Friday we finally succeeded to set it, I was so happy i forgot to take a picture of my food -_-;

But I remembered to shoot the dessert ! After dinner, John took me to Whisk, a restaurant/dessert shop specialized in chocolate food !!! It was soooooo delicious !

John's brownie pure chocolate and vanilla ice cream

My chocolate mousse with a caramel heart !

---------------------- Episode 3------------------------------

Quinn came to " CHIna" (private joke inside) for 48h...I couldn't do much to take him out in such a short time but at least I could take him and his friends to Xintiandi for diner and to Rack's for a drink. We played 2 games of pool and we both won one game so I guess we have one game left for next time to see who's the best ;). His friends went back to their hotel because they had to wake up early so Quinn and me just walked under a light rain from Rack's to People's Square. The following picture has been taken on the bridge of a crossroad where Quinn found 2 chairs (??) and he wanted to seat because too lazy to go further because of the cold.

Us, looking retarded late at night.

We did a lot of other stupid things on the way like messing around with statues...but the pictures are in his camera so for now no proof... Anw, did you know that one of his skill is he can copy all the asian accents while he is speaking english ? Mandarin, cantonese, korean, even viet ?! so funny ^_^.

My favorite imitation? The old chinese perv hitting on girls in a club...priceless !

Otherwise, it was a lot of fun and Quinn, next time we definitively have to go clubbing !!

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I swear its a nike conspiracy... Glad you an Quinn had fun. His accents are good huh? hehe
almost 13 years ago
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i luv goofy pics
almost 13 years ago


I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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