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The sad ball

I step forward

You step back

I step back

You step forward

We could keep on like this to the end of time

The lights were soft, the music perfect

Your hand on my waist was just right

I was mesmerized by the melody

Delighted by your lead

I tried to follow every steps you made

Forgave you all the one you missed

But you never gave me the chance to catch you up

And I ended up by losing my balance

So I wanted to take a bow

To free you from that show

And when I was about to release your hand

Ready to run way before twelve

You hold me again

I step back

You step forward

I step forward

You step back

You dragged me into your confusing rounds

But now you see I am tired of this dance

The ball is almost over

The magic is about to disappear

I am standing here without knowing what to do

But you act like you finally don't want me to stay

Just few notes left on the sheets

Soon there will be no princess anymore

That is what you wanted

The music just ended

Midnight is ringing and I am leaving.

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aight i need to get u outta ur sad mode hehe ..into ur horrified mode j/k lol
almost 13 years ago


I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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