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a Little Busy =)

I've been working seriously about my new project lately

It demands quite some inspirations

So sorry for not updating my blog, but i'm sure you won't be mad at me when you will know what i'm up to =p

With no transitions, it's bento time :

See ya ^_^ v

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this is so sweet...but is it yummy though? just kidding!
about 10 years ago
CUTE ...
about 10 years ago
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Please mail 5 bentos to: Christopher Lay Somewhere in Wangjing Beijing, China Hurry, I'm hungry.
about 10 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Gang sign!
about 10 years ago
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very pretty!!
over 9 years ago
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Hey, you grew out your hair! When are you coming back to LA to kick it with us?
over 9 years ago


I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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