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Improving myself: a better me ? a better life

I decided lately to work on myself.

I realized that i put myself in a very comfortable seat for almost one year now and i just followed the flow without really going anywhere...

When i used to do wushu i got goals and different stages to get to those goals.

It was fulfilling to achieve them one by one and to set new ones.

But I need that in life as well even if I tried to put it aside.

I thought I could be the kind of girls who could just stay on a rail and wait for things to be as they were meant to be without asking any questions. I probably forgot to do a lot of things while i was stuck and too focused on my private life (how can people be TOO focused on their private life btw ???). Unable to fix anything in my private life and with all my remaining ego, I decided that I could fail in love but I wouldn't fail in life.

So I kicked my ass to ignore that fragile part of me and started a huge plan to get better in many domains.

Self coaching is hard though. I'm reading everyday bunch of sites that talk about how to be more efficient, more productive, more organized, more skilled but also more positive, more happy, more relaxed, more more MORE !!!! Maaaaannn !!! I'm lacking that much ?? >_<

Anyway, I worked on that for few months now and i think the first reward is almost there.

On a lighter note, because it was kinda heavy to share that, i did last week another bento.

As we were closed to Halloween I tried to make a theme in my food :


felt like a kid when i opened my boxes at work...

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Glad to hear you are getting off the fence, on track, in the slipstream, organized and, dare we hope, happy! Be well and keep making those cool lunches. I want one.
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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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