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A New Adventure!

Have been crazily busy!

My mom is in town and we have been looking at heaps of apartments. She been looking into buying a place in SH so it will be more convenient for my family when they come here to visit. Two of my sisters mentioned that they would like to check China out. I hope they will!!!!!!!!

I also just heard from the landlady that I have to move out by the end of next month!

That's where the stress comes in, from tomorrow I will be away for one month and by the time I get back, I have exactly 4 days to find a place and move... I'm hoping for a miracle, haha!

Anyway, my new adventure awaits me!!!

Tomorrow I will be going to Singapore again for my TV show! After that we will also be shooting in Malaysia and Hainan Island, then halfway our shooting schedule, I also have to make a trip to Hong Kong for Musical Moments 2007!

It's gonna be crazy! I'm also in this months issue of FHM Singapore! I haven't seen any of the pics, so I hope it will look alright, haha!

Busy packing today, need to run a lot of errands and have to cram in a session with the trainer today as well!  Byezzzz!!!

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wow sounds crazy. maybe you should get your mom to hunt for a new apartment for you too...
over 16 years ago
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well either way, moving is a huge pain, i just did it last month. thank god i didn't have to move any furniture!
over 16 years ago
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yes..moving is a pain.. and always happens at the worst time.... when you are busy..
over 16 years ago


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