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Have moved most of my stuff to the new appartment... I really dislike packing...

Am at my old appartment right now, coz I don't have wireless in the new one yet...

I will move there tomorrow!  I didn't realise I had so much stuff... So tired of packing...I still have to unpack after all this, hahaha!

I got back into Shanghai after midnight My flight was delayed! Hainan airport is not really interesting... but the beaches are not bad!

Here are a few pics from my time in Haikou and Sanya! Can't put up stuff from all the activies we did over there... You will have to wait till January!

I loved the view from my balcony!

I even had my own outdoor bath tub, but unfortunately I didn't have time to use it, boohoo!

I believe I can fly!!! I believe I can touch the sky, think about it every night and day...

This was gonna be such a topshot, but Vincent, our camera guy walked into frame.. Guess he wanted to be on the other side of the camera for a change! ;) His hair reminds me of the IFC tower, haha!

As you can see Erik was having a lot of fun with my camera...

Who says filming is always glamorous???

This was my lunch on the 2nd day...

An angry pufferfish

Now we're talking! SEAFOOD!!!

And lots of healthy veggies!

There were more dishes that came after, but I was too busy eating so I didn't take any pics anymore!!!

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wow those are great photos. which hotel was that you're at? it looks almost like hawaii!
over 16 years ago
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yes for sure! i have heard great things about malaysia and indonesia, you gotta be our guide. ;-)
over 16 years ago
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Cool photos Li! It looks like you had a great time!! Well...if you are in need of a little break from unpacking...I'd be happy to have lunch with you guys...just let me know!!! luv ya, marsha
over 16 years ago


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