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A big thumbs up for the AND team for organising this awesome party! It was a big succes! i'm glad I was able to come to Hong Kong earlier and catch this party!

Here are some pics of the night!

A great performance by Conroy, 24 Herbs!!!

Great seeing you again Patrick!

1st time to meet Byron Mann, very nice guy!!


Hope you'll get your voice back soon Daniel!

Here's another party animal!

Go Patrick!!!!!!!                

Yes, he was everywhere!                           

Nice meeting ya Min!!                                                                                            

So this is what Etchy looks like! Hehe!

One of my fave pics! Yo what up!!!!!!!        

at Halo                             



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oh i like that second to last one... let's figure out about your t-shirt too!
over 16 years ago
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last time i checked i didn't have any photo shoots in FHM magazine... i think you're a bit more photogenic than me. :-P
over 16 years ago
OH you guys looks so happy ... i wish i could be there ... !!! how long will u stay in HK ??? i am plans to go to HK in the next month around 14th..! ADI
over 16 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
damn..missed the WHOLE thing... where was i???
over 16 years ago


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