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save the turtles!


I saw this poor little turtle ready to be cooked... I wanted to save it, but there were too many...

I used to have these little red cheek turtles when I was a kid...I had them for years and I cried every time one died...

Once I was in TianJin with my dad and we were having dinner with some of his friends... they served this plate with flat dark colored strips on it... They insisted me on trying it... I couldn't tell what it was and I just assumed it was some weird looking  vegetable...I bit in it... and suddenly I had a vision of a turtle. I didn't eat it and asked my dad what it was. He looked at me, smiled and said it was turtle... Last year I was also in Wenzhou and they served a whole cooked turtle at this home cooked dinner...My appetite was gone in an instant...

To me, turtles are cute little pets and they shouldn't be eaten...

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ha, you're in the wrong country! nothing is above serving at the dinner table in china...
over 16 years ago
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yes, you too! should be a good one. we're doing another boat trip on saturday! ;-)
over 16 years ago
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wow, now that i did my whole turtle thing in hawaii, i think i have to become an anti-turtle eating activist...
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