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Succesful run!!!


We had two great shows!

People thought this was the best Musical Moments so far!

This is already the third year!

I should get the pics by the end of this month and I will post them immediately! We received so many great comments! A huge thank you to all the people who came to support us and "Lifeline Express"!

Last night after the performance we had an afterparty!

There were also some old friends, Tricia and Ariel who are working at Disneyland right now! Also a lot of other friends whom I met through Stanley Shen, the producer of the show. Stanley is the biggest musical theatre fan in Hong Kong! I always stay with him and his wife Mary when I'm in Hong Kong. They are very sweet and they are my best friends in HK!

The party was great fun! Afterwards some of us went back to my hotel room and had ice cream at 4am, haha!

Joanna is so great to work with! We were sharing a dressing room. She gave a super performance and so did all the other artists!! Brian with his amazing powerful operatic voice, David and Jovita mesmerize the audience with their voice, especially when they sing their Phantom of the Opera duet and Marsha touched people with her moving ballad! Then we have Howard McCrary, a musical genius, but  he is so humble! He was also in "Mamma I want to sing", a musical with fantastic songs. I sang the main song for my recital for the conservatory a few years ago! I had no idea he was part of the original cast! Last but not least, Robert, a super performer and the best THUY in the world! ; )

I felt so sad saying goodbye to Jo this morning... I hope next time I see her, it won't be another 3 years like the last time! I also had to say goodbye to my mom, who had come from Holland to watch me! So sweet, I love you mommie! It was her first time to see me perform in Musical Moments! She said she was so proud of me! That makes EVERYTHING worthwile! The terrible throat ache because I was fatigued as I have been traveling non stop, the lack of sleep, you name it!

Last night I only slept for two hours and caught the flight to Hainan island this morning. From there it was a 3.5 hour drive to Sanya. As soon as I arrived I had to start shooting on the beach for the TV show again! ;) Luckily I wasn't too tired! The hotel room is beautiful!  Each room has a outdoor bath tub!

It's always great to see my co- hosts and the crew again! I feel we are becoming a family!

More adventures to come!


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sorry we missed it! i'll have to make the 4th one for sure!
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check out my new blog. time for bed. nite!
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