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From Africa With Love | 寫自非洲,帶著愛 | 写自非洲,带着爱

From Africa With Love…

So its my annual trip to South Africa with the DeBeers Group, and so far so good. Been here three days and will be here for another five. Tomorrow we are off to Botswana for two days. As you can imagine, this trip is all about diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. No complaints here as diamonds are definitely my favorite precious gem. The only unfortunate thing is that we have to fly about six times within these eight days, and as some of you know, I am absolutely terrified of flying.

So, here I am, getting on our private jet this morning, trying to act all cool, calm, and collected.

And here I am pooping myself but still trying to act cool…

And this is why I was freaking out. Can you see the loose screw? Yea, SCARY!!!

What??? No guns allowed??? So what am I supposed to do with this gigantic handgun that’s in my back pocket?

And if any you guys have read my past blogs… Does this cow look familiar? I think its following me!

Hopefully I’ll have more for you guys from Botswana and some pictures of actual diamonds if my jetlag doesn’t get the best of me forcing me to fall asleep at 4:30 p.m.

寫自非洲,帶著愛... 這是我隨戴比爾斯集團前往南非的年度之旅,目前為止不錯。到這裏3天了,還要再呆5天。明天我們將出發前往博茨瓦納停留2天。如你所想,這次旅行只是鉆石、鉆石、鉆石。我沒有任何怨言,因為鉆石絕對是我最愛的珠寶。唯一的煩惱是我們要在8天中飛6次,你們有人可能知道,我對飛行充滿恐懼。 好了,我在這裏,今早登上私人飛機時,想要表現得酷、鎮定和冷靜。






写自非洲,带着爱... 这是我随戴比尔斯集团前往南非的年度之旅,目前为止不错。到这里3天了,还要再呆5天。明天我们将出发前往博茨瓦纳停留2天。如你所想,这次旅行只是钻石、钻石、钻石。我没有任何怨言,因为钻石绝对是我最爱的珠宝。唯一的烦恼是我们要在8天中飞6次,你们有人可能知道,我对飞行充满恐惧。[endif]好了,我在这里,想要表现得酷、冷静和镇定。






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cough cough [not a jet!] cough....
almost 16 years ago
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awesome that you get to go on trips like this! i'm jealous!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 39462
Great pics!!!
almost 16 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
I have a fear of flying too and I would've gotten off that plane if I saw a loose screw in a second. That's so freaky. When I see scratches in the paint I already freak out!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 41044
haha I do remember this cow. You look so adorable here :)
almost 16 years ago
Photo 34319
what up girl? are you ever tempted to perhaps, oh i don't know, swallow a few of the 3 carats or less gems while on your annual tour? i, for one, would support you (as long as you peddle me a stone to boot). : )
almost 16 years ago
not to worry....that's a spring loaded quick-release fastener. It's got a retaining clip so it won't come off completely and get sucked into the engine. Quite common to find 1 or 2 popping out after flight even on fighter jets :)
almost 16 years ago
Mylovepuzzle ef mylovepuzzle
almost 16 years ago
Photo 70570
There's a Gremlin on the Plane!
almost 16 years ago
Photo 55108
look very calm, cool and collected ... success!
almost 16 years ago


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