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to me, $4k starting salary is actually a fair expectation. in Jul 2001, i graduated from NUS after 4 yrs of parttime study, with a 2nd lower honours degree in engineering. the junior engineer position i worked as from Dec 2001, paid $2.5k. if we do the maths, that amount of $2.5k starting pay would need to increase by just 3.68% annually, to reach $4k in 2015. is it really so unreasonable for the fresh grads nowadays to expect $4k starting pay? not at all. the problem is with our economy. despite all the reported "growth" over the years, salaries had remain stagnant. to all those people who deride the grads who expect $4k, you guys are the delusional ones. it is you who have grown accustomed to a colossal lie. wake up!

12 Years and counting...

...from my first ever acting role ( a TV docu-drama ) shot in Feb 2003,

to the most recent ( online promo video ) shot yesterday, 27 Feb 2015

here's to 12 more!

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when you need some place to wipe your "gold"

just excerpts here but, after all these years, this still ranks as 1 of my favourite TV roles ever. pt 2: pt 3:

Did they really need to ask?

the subtitle reads, "Are you alright?"

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Netflix's Marco Polo, scenes i appeared in...

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can you spot my autograph? ;)

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I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w ...Read more

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