Lisa Selesner

Look what I found @anababyfrog !!! Ahhhhh those were the days, when I wasn't petrified at the thought…

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Look what I found @ana_r !!! Ahhhhh those were the days, when I wasn't petrified at the thought of wearing a bathing suit.... #tbt

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Thanks so much to @Helenarubinstein25 and to @frementpr @frementlelia for this fabulous gift! #newyearnewskin #helenarubinstein #frementpr

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Thanks so much to @h_rubinstein and to frementpr @frementlelia for this fabulous gift!…

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California sunshine? ✅. LuLu Lemon yoga pant uniform? ✅. Green juice? ✅. Yup, settling into the Northern California housewife lifestyle juuuust fine 😄. #diaryofadesperatehousewife #imonlyinchesawayfrombuyingcrocs #yescrocs #yesialsojustpukedalittleinmymouth

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Brunch with my boo at Mama's Royal Cafe. Another hipster food joint in Oakland. I don't know if we are even hipster cool enough to eat in here hehehe!

brunchwithboo #babeyourpantsarenttightenoughtobehipster #andmyhaircutiswaytoonormal #andnomomjeansstillarentcool

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Congrats to my girl Alex! You crushed it this season and I couldn't be prouder! Can't wait to watch you dominate the fashion world!

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🎉🎉Alexandria Brouhard is this season's Ultimate SupermodelMe Siren!🎉🎉 This beauty was relentless and persevered in every task challenge, and dominated in the photo challenges! And through it all, she remained down-to-earth and true to the cool chick she was before the competition. Congratulations, Alex! You deserve it! ✨✨🎉😄🔥💁💯🔱👸🔱💃❤️✨✨ #supermodelme #Winner #Ultimate #Siren #BlazingSirens #Season5 #FINALE #Finale #TeamAlex #TeamKorea #CongratzAlex

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Welcoming a new addition to my beauty routine! The new LA MER Illuminating Eye Gel! Anything from LA MER is drool worthy in my books. Thanks so much!! #eyeslightup #lamer @lamerofficial @lamerhkofficial

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Yup, just one of those days and it's not even noon yet. #shouldvejuststayedinbed

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These 2 are AWESOME!!!! Best award show hosts EVER!! So sad that this is their last year hosting the Golden Globes. #goldenglobes #AmyPoehler #TinaFey

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Lisa Selesner

MC / Show Host , Model

English Name Lisa S.
Job TV Host and sometime model
Location Hong Kong
Hometown Monte Carlo, New York

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