Lisa Selesner

Day 3, and final, project. Thanks rsalley for an amazing workshop. You are a great teacher!…

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Day 2 finished project from my "The Three Ring Circus" @rsalley workshop. #jewelry #jewelryclass #actuallymadethisfromscratch

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Day 1 finished project in the @rsalley "The Three Ring Circus" workshop. So much fun! #jewelryclass #Nola #onedayiwillactuallysellmystuff

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Day 1 finished project in the rsalley "The Three Ring Circus" workshop. So much fun! #jewelryclass…

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@PaigeTempestHay Nope! I actually split my time between Hong Kong and San Francisco.

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@PaigeTempestHay Yes I am indeed a HUGE WoW fan! 😊

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Saw this in a coffee shop window. Perfect way to scare the poop out of inattentive parents!

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Yummmmmm!! Sunday bbq southern style. So f**king good!! #cantgetenough #Nola #foodporn #crawfishboil

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Thank you so much #friso for this beautiful #mothersday gift! And Happy Mother's Day to all you hot mamas out there!!

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My lunch today at Frank & Johnny's. Yup, ate all this by myself since my lunch partner today is a vegetarian. #Nola #foodformysoul #instayum #nolafoodrocks

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Gender Female
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