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And the jumps slowly creep higher and higher. #progress #buttstillsore #feelssogood

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In between shots On Newport Beach shooting something for a certain magazine doing my model thang. And of course talking incessantly. That's just what I do 😜 #backtowork #noidontevershutup #mypoorhubby #modellife

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Very slowly getting my groove back. They are still tiny jumps but it's been a LOOOONG time since I've jumped. #iminheaven #horsesrock #yupstillsore

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@michelemorrow Happy Birthday woman! May my spirit animal have an awesome Birthday!!

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Back in the saddle again. #mytruepassion #damnimsore #ohsohappy

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@chadwingerd Word!

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@Aakduce Demon Hunter of course! And you?

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Thanks originshk!!! You are so kind!! 😘#origins #skincare #necessitiesoflife https://t.co/i2HiyfphB0

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Thanks @originshk!!! You are so kind!! 😘#origins #skincare #necessitiesoflife

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YAAASSSSSSSS!! NYC!!!!! I can finally breathe...........

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