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So sorry for the lateness of this but I've been gone for a loooong time. Thanks so much to Origins HK for this lovely Mother's Day Gift!! #ThreePartHarmony #OriginsHK #DiscoverOrigins

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I am so happy right now, I just peed a little....just a little #myhappyplace #tearsoffoodjoy #lettheeatingbegin

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Watched the Warriors CREAM the Spurs tonight with @thatdanielwu and @jeraldban #warriors #dubnation #warriorsground #nba #nbaplayoffs

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@chadwingerd Then we are off to Ireland for a long ass time.

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@chadwingerd I don't know! We are basically up in northern Cali. Leaving to go back to Hong Kong for a few weeks. T… https://t.co/2Ltw3jG0It

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First horse show for me in over 20 years! We did pretty darn good! Can't believe I used to do these every weekend. It was exhausting but amazing. Can't wait for our next show! Thanks @westhavenfarm_ca and @manhattanfarms for keeping me alive and showing me the way! I love you guys!!!

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@chadwingerd Thanks!!! 😘

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Wow the Starbucks in Berkeley STINKS like patchouli oil. Why am I not surprised...

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RT @danielwuyanzu: Into the Badlands Is the Most Stylish Show on TV Today, and It Deserves an Emmy Nod https://t.co/vDkSvLJlZ9 via @pastema…

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My husband is such a sexy badass! #bewarefutureravenboyfriends #intothebadlands… https://t.co/Bu9DSrdIRa

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