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Having fun working with this beauty @eunis818 ! We don't see enough of each other lah!! Thanks to @delvaux @exr_consulting for having me to celebrate this drool worthy handbag brand.

landmarkopening #delvauxhk #handbagbranded #workingwithfriends #ilovehk

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Having fun working with this beauty eunis818 ! We don't see enough of each other lah!! Thanks to… https://t.co/FEaMSZsSlo

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Oooohhhh thanks so much loccitane for this gorgeous birthday gift!!

skincare #loccitanehk… https://t.co/WgpSHjoHkF

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RT @MaxineWaters: So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn't want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.

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RT @GeorgeTakei: Canada got a gentleman intellectual. France got a defender of the planet. Ireland got its first gay, Asian PM. We got Twit…

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The longer I spend in the states the less and less I take care of myself beauty wise. In fact it's a good day in the states when I actually shower AND brush my hair in one go. Lol! Coming home to HK means it's time to clean myself up and try to do some maintenance. Thanks @thenaillibrary for digging all the horse gunk out of my nails and making them beautiful again! Now what can I do about my hideous hands??? Hahahaha! #thenaillibraryhk #nailsonfleek #isthattherightwaytousefleek

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The best birthday gift and card I've ever gotten! Sorry @thatdanielwu your gift was super awesome and I LOVE it but this really takes the cake! #cutenessoverload #birthdayhappiness #whyisshesodarncute #imsoold

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So sorry for the lateness of this but I've been gone for a loooong time. Thanks so much to Origins HK for this lovely Mother's Day Gift!! #ThreePartHarmony #OriginsHK #DiscoverOrigins

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I am so happy right now, I just peed a little....just a little #myhappyplace #tearsoffoodjoy #lettheeatingbegin

Watched the Warriors CREAM the Spurs tonight with @thatdanielwu and @jeraldban #warriors #dubnation #warriorsground #nba #nbaplayoffs

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