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These perfumes are awesome because they are not your average everyday all the same type of scent. Each one uses very unique elements to make some of the most interesting and beautiful scents I've ever smelled. I chose La Tulipe. Go find your perfect scent or a scent for that perfect someone at @lanecrawford at IFC. Thanks @officialbyredo #byredo #byredohk!!

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At the @esteelauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Event. Girls, get checked or check yourselves. Do what you gotta do to stay healthy! Thx @priscillaianson @camillaandmarc @electric_sekki #bcastrength #bcahk

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Check out my funky little monkeys! Granting a request by my lil' munchkin for monkeys on my nails. Thanks @thenaillibrary!!! #thenaillibrary #thenaillibraryhk #nailart #hk

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Seriously one of the most beautiful moon cake packaging I've ever seen. Well done @fendi!! #autumnfestivalisdonebutmooncakemaniaisgoingstrong

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Matching butterfly shoes for me and my lil' nugget. Thanks so much!!! @sophiawebster #sophiawebster @onpedder #onpedder @signaturehongkong #signaturehongkong

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Go out and grab the 25th Anniversary issue of Marie Claire so you can check out myself and all my model sistas! #MarieClaireHK




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This one is so ridiculously late but I guess better late then never! Thanks so much @HelenaRubinsteinHK and @frementpr for another totally awesome gift! The robe inside is so luxuriously soft I want to snuggle in and take a nap immediately! @mylovelylelia @frementPRAlice

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Drinking honey mustard rose liquid out of a gorgeous purple rose. @cledepeaubeauteus #synactif #cledepeauhk #cledepeau

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