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Back in Hong Kong after spending a few days with family in Tokyo. Best part about the trip was meeting my fellow Japanese hardcore family in person - FINALLY. The two in the photo are great dudes who love LOVE hardcore...on the left is Hiro - guitarist of @loyaltothegrave, owner of the best hardcore-punk record store in Tokyo called @nerdsrecords and owner of @retribution178 records (the label just put out records by @lifelesshc and @suburbanscum )...then on the right is Koba - vocalist of @loyaltothegrave, the man behind the annual heavy music fest called Bloodax...Read more

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對於我地任何支持者 - 如果感覺緊壓力多的話,感覺緊好孤獨或者好無助請試下打電話俾呢幾間。最多希望你知道有人會用心聽然後會同你一齊搵辦法解決問題。

Samaritans 2896 0000 (24-hour, multilingual), Suicide Prevention Centre 2382 0000 Social Welfare Department 2343 2255. The Hong Kong Society of Counseling 6218 1084.

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What a pure honor to meet the legendary Japanese hardcore artist @endflyer today at his store @greedtokyo !!!! Thank you End!!!! Thank you to Koba and Hiro of @loyaltothegrave and @nerdsrecords for the care and love today! Thank you!!! There's talk of King Ly Chee in Japan next year! FINALLY!!!!!

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Oh shit!!!!! Wake up to this?!?!?! SICK!!!! When we get back to the States next summer it'd be rad to get some shows with these guys! 一起身見到咁勁嘅紐約市hardcore punk樂隊Kill Your Idols有follow我地?!正啊!!!下年去美國巡演的時如果可以同場玩幾場show就好啦!

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our friends in American thrashcore band Activate have released their first music video! check it out!

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菲律賓hardcore-punk社會最近超級厲害 - 女士們越來越多夾緊hardcore! 呢個post就可以聽到幾隊超好聽的。。。Filipino hardcore-punk rise up!

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WOW!!!! sooooooooo撚good聽...hong kong band Stranded Whale for the muthafuckin' win today...


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This Thursday is our last show for 2016 and the OPENING NIGHT of the grand return of Hidden Agenda at their BIGGER and BETTER home! The show starts at 8pm and is FREE ENTRY so get there EARLY!!! 呢個禮拜四就係我地荔枝王今年最後一場show亦都係Hidden Agenda新開始的第一晚!

記住 - 場show係免費入場啊!八點正開始!

And the show's headline act is none other then American punk rock band Anti Flag! 當晚的main act就係來自美國嘅經典punk樂隊Anti Flag!

But if that's not exciting enough - the opening bands include ASIAN PUNK BANDS!!!!!! 當晚仲可以同其他亞洲punk樂隊一起分享我地亞洲punk and hardcore的文化!!!! 對我地講呢個更興奮的事!

In...Read more

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it's good to be alive in 2016! we're sitting in hong kong and because of the fucking internet we can watch opening night of Sick Of It All's 30 year anniversary Triboro tour at Saint Vitus Bar RIGHT NOW!!!!

太正啦 - 2016年可以咁方便大家。。。係香港可以享受 sick of it all 係NYC直播的現場!英雄們繼續慶祝緊佢地三十週年!


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第一刻見到勁開心。first response - FUCK YES! good riddance fucker.

第二刻 - 屌 - 下一個都唔係我地選擇。換一個都會搵番差唔多嘅人啦。second response - fuck - it's not like the next guy is someone that WE pick. they're just going to replace this asshole with yet another asshole.

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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