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Check this shit out!!!

Look at all our HK bands that are touring all over Asia this summer!!! We're so proud of each one of them for taking the route of a touring band!!! Represent HK and letting people know that there is more to HK then the commercial stuff that they hear...


Embryo Die in Velvet Shepherds the Weak The Squawk the lovesong




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dude...i don't know if you guys have (恭碩良)Jun Kung's album "nowhere man" but this is one of the greatest things ever released in Hong Kong. pop music for me in this city is uninspirational - to put it nicely. but people like Jun, Soler, Paul Wong make pop so damn good, inspirational, interesting, and allows me to learn so much about music and writing SONGS...not to mention allows me to improve my Chinese! :-)

Jun in my eyes is the "ultimate" musician...if you listen to any one of his songs on thi...Read more

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Circle Pit Hell at Let's Fight! :-)

What's up everyone...

As you can see from everyone else's posts about Let's Fight - it was one of the most memorable events to take place in HK for rock music. "Rock" music in HK will always be an "underground" thing because not enough people on the mainstream level give a shit about this. Even certain rock bands will slowly begin to walk the line of poppier stuff just to make their music more accessible. And there's NOTHING wrong with that! Please don't misunderstand me....Read more

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yesterday we spent a couple hours at Paul's studio jamming with the WHOLE Let's Fight crew!!! hilarious stuff man...having like 100 people singing and playing this one song... :-) it's going to be a good time!!!

countdown begins for one of the most memorable nights in HK rock history! :-)

we're only playing 3 songs so get your asses ready for this shit:

  1. Skinless
  2. She
  3. Refuse

for those who haven't heard these songs - go to our website: Read more

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King Ly Chee Asian Tour photos (Beijing and Jakarta) up now!!!

Dude!!! Our first batch of tour photos are up!!!

Check out the photos on our forum links by clicking at these links:

For the Beijing photos of our SECOND show in Beijing (April 14) where we played at an AMAZING joint called MAO (w/ Unregenerate Blood and Brain Failure) - click HERE!!!

For our show in Jakarta where we had the pleasure of showing over 7,000 people the sou...Read more

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Let's Fight Jam last night...

Had a fun time last night with some of the main people who will be playing this song this Friday and Saturday night! :-) Paul wasn't there because he wasn't feeling well...so it was me, Joseph (Hardpack), Seasons Lee, Johnny (was filling in for Glenn - Shepherds the Weak/Hardpack), Sik (Sonic Temple)...

We just got together to see how this song was going to be pieced together for all the singers who we'll be jamming with on Tuesday...I do wish that Kevin (Hardpack) was here!!! I haven't jammed with my...Read more

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You want HK punk rock? Check out The Squawk!

You want punk rock? Check out this fucking amazing new Hong Kong punk rock band called The Squawk!! Dude...they're SOOOOOOOO good...really have that more aggressive style of punk rock in their music and vocals. Think "The Casualties" for those kids who know their punk rock! :-) They also have some songs that have an old school hardcore feel too...can't go wrong with that! hahahaha...


Th...Read more

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Why international kindergartens rule...

This is a picture of us celebrating "International Day" here at our school. This is a day where all the different nationalities that are present in this school are all celebrated. In any given classroom, up to 20 different countries are represented by all the wonderful kids that go to this school!!!

In this photo we got one girl representing China, one representing Sweden, one representing India...and the big goof ball in the middle representing Pakistan :-)

It's just so amazing for childr...Read more

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Teaching Kindergarten

Dude...most of you probably don't know this but my day time job is teaching Kindergarten at Hong Kong International School (I'm actually a TA but in the Kindergarten level we teach along side the teachers because the kids are so young). It's an awesome job just because it's one of the few jobs where you get to feel the impact that you can leave on the future pretty much immediately.

Funny stories are abound...just now the kids (I'm at school now) had swimming and got changed back into their school uniform. O...Read more

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Damn! We are psyched with this website! Not only is the layout insane but the dudes behind this thing are AWESOME! We love you Mark! We did an awesome little interview with them last night and next thing you know, this page is up for us to check out to give them the "thumbs up"!

Anyway...we're super grateful that these guys have given us a page. It means so much to us that after all these damn years of struggling in this HK music "scene", that we still have people who are ready to help push and encourage ...Read more

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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