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"本店恕不接待韩国人 We do not serve South Koreans."

It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you're an uneducated, illiterate piece of garbage, then you are still just a piece of fucking shit. You are also easily manipulated (duped) into believing whatever your stupid government tells you. The owner of this stupid restaurant said "I am simply standing up for my country". Standing up for your country means discriminating against other people? What fucking country would accept this kind of STUPID rhetoric? Maybe this asshole should go tra...Read more

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does anyone know or understand why they say such stupid things? how out of touch are they with the sentiments of Hong Kong people? hong kong has been a free thinking city for decades...just because the "authority" is telling us what to do, do they actually believe hong kong people will mindlessly say "oh okay"?

come on.

also - what DEVELOPED and civilized country/city in the world ignores politics? developed counties don't mindlessly control their people because they know that people don't like to be controlled. that's...Read more

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holy fuck...

"We should not be too accommodating to the concerns of Hong Kong. The railway should just pass through without border checks,” Wang said. “‘One country, two systems in only transitional’,” he said. “Hong Kong is a province of China.”

the beginning of the end. "one country, two systems" is only transitional?

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One of the best parts of running uniteasia.org is to support and promote people who have ALWAYS supported King Ly Chee as they go off and do amazing things.

Meet our buddy Skipp Zhang - photographer extraordinaire...


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Hong Kong ska-punk band Bulletproof hk release lyric video...so rad!!! Hong Kong's punk rock scene continues to grow little by little every year!


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hong kong / taiwan together in this new band...shit SLAYS!!! add them here: Facelift Deformation


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finally something positive to read and watch...


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Hong Kong Police - get some inspiration from the New York Police Department. Their commissioner has issued a statement that they will DEFY the anti-immigration orders of their stupid president. This is one INCREDIBLE gesture - to adamantly stand in solidarity WITH the people you're supposed to protect, not against them.

The next time you receive orders to round up peaceful law-abiding protestors, you should state:

"When those peaceful protestors begin doing something illegal, only THEN will we act. Until then we will stay in the area and mak...Read more

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Dear 30,000 attendees of the police rally a few days ago:

This is what you're comparing your situation to? The horrible, disgusting, tragic, blackest period of modern day history? Are you sure you know and understand what the "holocaust" was? Are you that arrogant that you HONESTLY can compare the situation you face daily to the despicable acts of depravity that 7 million people faced at the brutal hands of the evil Nazis? Have you seen videos like this? Have you seen of footage how the people who were taken away from their families and separated...Read more

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This. All the points stated in this is what everyone should be worried about. The police want to now be above the law? No one is above the law. We have a chief executive now in jail because of our incredible courts. We have 7 former cops now criminals in jail as well. This should be a point of PRIDE for all of Hong Kong. Not that we have criminals - but if someone breaks the law regardless of stature, they will be punished.

I want to know if now the rest of Hong Kong should also have our own rally to show support of our courts and judges? Let them know that H...Read more

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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