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“The message is we support the families of the seven. We respect the judicial process. We are united in our stance.”

What exactly is your stance? Supporting criminals? The 7 that have been convicted are criminals not police officers.

We certainly support police officers. We certainly support those officers who FOLLOW the rule of law, who use their incredible power with immense restraint, who would never stand by and watch fellow police officers abuse their power, who are not afraid to stand up when they see something WRONG, those who vow to protect th...Read more

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Very proud of Hong Kong's judicial system. All of us Hong Kong-ers should also feel confident and proud of a system that follows the rule of law - NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

This is a good message to the CCP as well - the chief executives they've hired:

Tung Chee Hwa - widely hated and resigned. Donald Tsang 曾蔭權 - in jail. CY Leung - being investigated by ICAC for bribery

So far you are 0 for 3. You sure you want to continue down the path you are on? Maybe it's time to slowly try something new? Like a much bigger pool of HK people ...Read more

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"They only hit Tsang twice in a corner to vent their anger”

USA - please don't be too worried - besides your new Cheeto president, kelly conway, sean spicer, stephen miller, we also have some fucking amazing people here like this turd. As you will read, he's actually a lawyer who is trying to justify the anger of a small minority of idiots in HK who think the 7 thugs (police officers) were justified in taking a protestor to a dark corner and beating him up because the protest led to very tired police officers and a volatile situation so they were...Read more

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Justice served.

Most of Hong Kong will be very happy because this will hopefully help restore Hong Kong's image as a place that DOES follow the rule of law. No one is above the law. NO ONE.

However, there are reports that people are attacking the judge who presided over this case - and are even racially discriminating him because he's not Chinese.

HONG KONG IS AN INTERNATIONAL CITY. THERE ARE PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO CALL HONG KONG HOME! There are black, brown, white, and every color represented in Hong Kong. If you have a p...Read more

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"unfair", "unjust", "saddened"? you're feeling this because your 7 thugs got caught on CAMERA and are getting what they deserve! JAIL TIME. But what if they didn't get caught on camera? they would be walking free to hurt and threaten others while protestors, which is a RIGHT in any part of the world with actual freedom, continue to FEAR the hong kong police.

get the fuck outta here.

what you SHOULD say is:

"We understand the current situation and will begin reviewing and reforming our police force to...Read more

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“The court was satisfied that every police officer has a duty to prevent the commission of a crime, even by fellow officers.”

these 7 police-thugs only get 3 years for continuing to ruin the once envious reputation of the Hong Kong Police Force. the hong kong police force was once lauded as one of the best in asia for being politically neutral and ALWAYS being able to show a huge amount of restraint when dealing with conflicts whether at protests or in general disturbances.

there is nothing that the police force can do now to earn back the trust of th...Read more

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RIP...i hope you have a better life in the afterlife - we as adults have failed you and continue to fail you here. we are not able to choose who we put in power to be able to fix our terrible systems...and this is what happens and will continue to happen.

shame on the hong kong government and especially the Secretary of Education Eddie Ng Hak Kim 吳克儉 for continuing to let this happen with no extreme measure to review and reform Hong Kong's education system AND most importantly Hong Kong's mindset towards what education is and should be all about.

...Read more
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this lineup keeps getting better and better! they just added KILLER hong kong band Adversary (HK)!!! can't wait to check this out!

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good hong kong alt-rock band Seasons for Change premiere music video on uniteasia.org thanks for believing in the website and using it boys!

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I hope all of you have colleagues like me...my lovely colleague Amanda's daughter had the most amazing thing happen to her last week. She was able to meet and dine with the guys in Metallica through some incredible luck of knowing the right people - I think she was able to get VIP seats where she was watching from the stage. So there she was hanging out with them and James gave her this pick. Since she doesn't actually really know Metallica that well she felt bad holding on to this and so she passed it onto someone who would really appreciate it...me! :-) I ho...Read more

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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