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我地下場show - Jan 14 Our next show - Jan 14

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There are certain friends you will move mountains for - this here is one of them. Li You is the singer of Beijing's toughest hardcore bands Unregenerate Blood 不复之血. He has been one of my best friends for over a decade helping King Ly Chee non-stop this entire time (actually, he has been supporting King Ly Chee from even before I met him). He frickin LOVES hardcore. I mean LOVES. This dude has always taken the time to learn the history of this shit and respect all the pioneers who laid down the framework that all of us today work off of. In 2016 he started a label ...Read more

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Thank you very much for an unforgettable 2016! Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support this band as we are about to begin our 18th year as a band!

As some of you may have heard, China's list of bands/artists that they've placed on a blacklist was leaked yesterday and we're on it. Though this isn't news to us (we've had problems playing festivals and major events in China since 2004), it certainly continues to prove how important it is for us to keep doing more stuff outside of Hong Kong/China in 2017.

Thank you for a...Read more

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私たち、KING LY CHEEのアルバムが日本の友人のレコードショップNERDS RECORD STOREで販売されており、とても嬉しいです。KING LY CHEEは17年間活動しており、2014年に発売されたこのアルバムは15周年のボックスセットです。このボックスセットには、2枚のCDが入っており、一つは英語版、もう一つは中国語版です。また、A2サイズのポスターとブックレットも入っています。このアルバムに収録の"Lost in the world"には、我らのヒーロー、"Sick of it all"のLouもフィーチャーしています! 皆さん、是非NERDS RECORD STOREへ行って、チェックしてください。

このアルバムは、香港で活動する私たちの特別な思いが詰まっていますので、日本の皆さんにも聞いてもらえると嬉しいです。 日本で皆さんに会える日を楽しみにしています!UNITE ASIA.

ORDER: http://retribution.ocnk.net/phone/...Read more

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So rad that our albums are available at one of Asia's greatest legit hardcore-punk record stores - Nerds in Tokyo @nerdsrecords owned by Hiro - the guitarist of Tokyo powerhouse hardcore band @loyaltothegrave Hong Kong X Tokyo hardcore connection! ASIAN HARDCORE LIVES. 亞洲其中最正嘅hardcore punk舖頭東京嘅Nerds (老闆就係著名東京hardcore樂隊Loyal to the Grave的吉他手Hiro) 都有得買我地最新唱片!香港X東京HARDCORE. 去東京嘅hardcore粉絲一定會去呢間參觀下。。。下次無只係上去睇。人地係全職去呢間舖頭日日要坐係到搞佢呢間舖頭。除左D唱片勁好佢個人都好鍾意談世界hardcore的事。已經變成一位好朋友!via @nerdsrecords:‪Our good friend from Hong KONG. @kinglychee 2xCD delux album available at NERDS ...Read more

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This has been a tremendous year for one very important reason...we finally, after 17 years of the band, got to make it out to the US for a few dates opening for Sick Of It All. We have put on shows for MANY bands over the same 17 year period here in Hong Kong, but SOIA remain one of the very few bands that kept looking out for us long after they returned home. Goes without say...they're the fucking real deal.

We did TONS of cool shit while hanging out in the US...you've read about it all here on our facebook - if you haven't, please scroll through ...Read more

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SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE! 好興奮可以宣佈! Yaar Pakistan meh koi heh hardcore wardcore kids?! :-)

Our album CNHC (2014) is now available in Pakistan! 巴基斯坦都有得買我地2014年發出的大唱片CNHC! If you'd like to get a copy of this album that comes in a special boxset which includes the following:

One English CD One Chinese CD One double-sided A2 poster One 15 year anniversary book In a beautiful box designed by our bassist Ho

Then please get in touch with brand new Pakistani distro: GRINDKHOR Phone: 0345-4064728 Email: Read more

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to our friends worldwide...regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion...happy holidays from us out here in hong kong!

BAND: WARZONE SONG: United Worldwide

Together we stand true and strong. Young and old we all belong. A way of life in our hearts. Held together can't be pulled apart.

United Worldwide In every country we don't believe. Ain't no movement what it means. Safely united in one human race. Can't be divided if there's no hate.

United Worldwide CAN'T BE DIVIDED IF THERE IS NO H...Read more

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Singapore - it's been a good year for y'all down there! 2016 hands down belongs to the Lion City. Quality release after quality release...not just in terms of hardcore...but especially in terms of hardcore hahahaha...on the left Overthrown - 20 year veterans of the Singapore hardcore community...and on the right fresh blood Singapore hardcore band Losing motherfuckin' End Losing End...killer hardcore from SE Asia...distro-ed to me by Dangerous Goods also out of SG. Asian hardcore represent. UNITE ASIA. Unite Asia

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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