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星期日場show都幾興奮。。。蒲窩係我心目中一個好緊要的香港場地。雖然 - 地方不大,地方都唔係好吸引陌生人上去睇show, 裡面D設備不太理想,等等。。。但係裡面台上出show的時候會找返剛剛開始夾band個感覺 - 呢個感覺好難得。。。一上台或者入間房會有返十幾萬回憶。。。係到出show個感覺係表達唔到。。。係好emo的。。。King Ly Chee 荔枝王就係呢到長大。。。裡面四個牆就差不多見到西所有荔枝王的line up和唔同的過程。。。雖然應該唔會有好多人來睇呢個禮拜日的演出 - 但係我自己十分期待台上表演 - 我會好珍惜每一刻。多謝 @warehouseteenageclub 咁多年的支持香港真正 "indie"和地下樂壇。。。如果我地係一隊大band就好啦 - 係到出一場show就可以幫你地呢個場好多。對不起。。。Anyway - see you Sunday Warehouse!

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各位支持者!新開的亞洲punk/hardcore/metal網站Unite Asia呢幾個月真係好好反應!為咗可以繼續支持網站的目標我地做咗呢D帽!剛剛入咗手!星期日場show有得買!What up! Our Unite Asia website has been killing it for the past few months and in honor of the site we made these hats to keep spreading the word about what we TRULY believe in - get it this weekend on Sunday at the show - Warehouse! @warehouseteenageclub

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Mesh Shorts back in action...on sale July 19 at the Warehouse show Hong Kong...116 Aberdeen Main Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong @warehouseteenageclub 有貨啊!星期日七月十九號在蒲窩有得買!好耐無香港出show - 咁耐之後都係蒲窩出show係正到仆街!到時得閒過來探下啦 :-) 我地出show唔係咁差姐!

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Hahaha...無計。。。琴晚post咗我地來緊幾場show的日程,只得到一個like。。。係香港夾咗咁耐都無用。。。係時候要轉方向。。。點知原來我家長講得對 - 玩音樂係無用啊。。。hahaha... 寶琳街市見啊各位!好平啊!Hahahaha。。。ain't nothing we can do - been playing in HK so long and haven't gotten anywhere...it's time to head down a new route...we're giving up music and getting into the fruit business now! See you at the Po Lam Wet Market! Hahaha...

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Man...it's just so easy nowadays...want new music? It's just a click away...you want new merch...again, all just a click away...Singapore hardcore metal band Out for Blood were advertising this shirt a few days ago and I sent them money via PayPal and now three days after paying I have it here in my hands in Hong Kong... I remember the days of having to find a friend who had a U.S. Dollar account to write a cheque for me that I had to then mail to the States from a mail order company that I found in a magazine that my friend from the States brought back for me...Read more

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This new concept store in Causeway Bay is yet another brainchild of my lifelong friend @jbs8five2 Everything this guy does is perfection...my challenge to him though is that the next thing he does - he has to try to do something that totally sucks. Hahaha...just to balance shit out :-) congrats to this insane idea of combining a barbor shop with watches/apparel...crazy...Edwin Shop / Crows Nest Barbor Shop - 27 Haven Street, Causeway Bay...希雲街銅鑼灣。。。新開的舖頭正到仆街。。。@edwinwatch

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今日寫咗呢張7"的評斷。。。兩隊來自菲律賓超厲害的硬核樂隊在一張七寸的黑膠到。。。其中一隊就係有一位十分正的女主唱。。。呢隊叫Thought...想多了解呢張就上去uniteasia.org睇一睇...reviewed this insane split 7" today by two awesome Filipino bands...check out the review on uniteasia.org

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Been running UniteAsia.org for 3 months now and it has been such a wonderful experience and so thankful to the love people have been giving it worldwide! Thank you! 咁快新網站已開咗三個月!開咗之後日日都聽到不少人點樣欣賞呢個網站和網站的目標。其實直接講 - 開呢個網站個原因只係因為我好想知道亞洲裡的樂隊究竟做緊乜。我超多年的習慣係一起身就上重型音樂的網站睇下有D咩新聞。。。但係發現咗呢D網站都係美國樂隊為主。所以今年決定咗比如試下開一個亞洲為主的網站。


A little favor - please join the UniteAsia Facebook page as well...just click "like" - our webmaster thinks this will bring even more traffic to the site which benefits every band or event that goes up on...Read more

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Still soooooo funny that someone found our video at a Karaoke joint in China :-) Soooooooo funny...we should go up there and thank the boss of this Karaoke joint for putting it up! Hahaha...真係好好笑 - 人地去咗內地唱K然後搵到我地呢首?WTF?好搞笑!應該要過去多謝下老闆的支持!

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Oh my god.......Cagayan De Oro represent! @joecpwu @wingivan @oysterhc @pamxrenabor @uniteasia Last night with @kinglychee 荔枝王. Thank you so much for visiting us here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines! #UniteAsia #hardcorescene #Hardcore

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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