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十月最刺激的兩場演出的飛你買咗未啊?!October's biggest shows in Hong Kong - you got your tickets yet?! Oct 4 - Sick of it All LIVE in Hong Kong TICKETS HERE: http://www.ticketflap.com/sickofitalllive

Oct 8 - Metal Agenda Presents:Death Certificate (Carcass, Evocation, Children of Bodom) TICKETS HERE: http://www.ticketflap.com/deathcertificate

what a great October! hopefully there are more shows of this caliber for the rest ...Read more

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已經收到超多預售的order! 多謝大家的支持!呢件的特色係見到一隊傳奇硬核樂隊放咗一隊香港band的名件t shirt到。超fucking crazy的事!So excited about all the preorders we've received about this t-shirt. Thank you so much for your support! The immense honor is ours to see a HK band's name on a Sick of it All t-shirt! That is just fucking crazy... 想preorder呢件請email下面的資料比我 To preorder the shirt please email the following information:

Name: Phone number: Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL): Quantity:

email比我: sfscratch@hotmail.com

所有香港印的t-shirt (...Read more

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呢個網站買飛真係方便到爆!請大家多多支持下呢場show. This website makes life so much easier for us to all to buy tickets from! Thank you all for supporting this HK show for hardcore legends Sick of it All:


仲可以落去呢幾間買門票!其實門票值得留一張做紀念! You can also still pick up tickets at the following stores! The tickets look so good you're going to want to get one just to hang up at your home :-) White Noise Records Zoo Records Hidden Agenda Ticketflap.com

Advance...Read more

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Sick of it All Live in Hong Kong 2015 *Last date of Sick of it All x King Ly Chee's Asian Tour SOIA亞洲巡演的最後一站 - 香港!

DATE: October 4 VENUE: Hidden Agenda TIME: 8pm PRICE: 250 (Advance) | 320 (Door) BANDS: Sick Of It All | King Ly Chee 荔枝王 | PILEDRIVER (Philippines) | FightxClub

ONILNE TICKETING 上網發售: http://www.ticketflap.com/en/sickofitalllive

TICKET OUTLETS: White Noise Records Zoo Records Hidden Agenda

MORE INFO: Read more

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咁個禮拜五開始發售!Hong Kong show tickets on sale this Friday!

White Noise Records Zoo Records Ticketflap.com

Advance: 250hkd Door: 320hkd

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478120632511545/ @whitenoiserecords @uniteasia @sickofitallnyc Zoo Records @hiddenagendahk @the.baddies @kb_kevinboy @chansiupak @ticketflap

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So psyched to announce pre-orders for the Official Sick Of It All Asian Tour T-Shirt! Sooooo sick to have our name on the shirt! To place an order please send in the following information. 好興奮可以宣布Sick of it All亞洲巡演的官方t-shirt! 大家可以現在pre-order! 官方t-shirt加咗我地名!好好好好興奮!多謝大家的支持!想preorder呢件請email我地下面的資料:

Name: Phone number: Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL): Quantity:

然後email比我 Then email us at: sfscratch@hotmail.com

所有香港印的t-shirt (All HK shirts are printed on): Gildan Premium Soft *This preorder is fo...Read more

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Can't believe we will be a part of this amazing event MYHC Fest in Malaysia...always has been one of the most passionate scenes in Asia and we've been coming to KL since 2004 so we've seen it grow and expand to the behemoth of a scene that it is now...thank you to any Malaysian hardcore kid who has ever embraced our band over the past 16 years...can't believe it all started because one day I was walking with my wife at Tower Records on Bukit Bintang back in 2004 and two dudes recognized me...they were Jana and Zac (ex-vocalist of Cassandra)...those two...Read more

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仲可以講咪好?仲可以點樣話比大家知呢隊對我地講係幾緊要的樂隊?無sick of it all。。。肯定無今時今日的我地。。。我地所有態度,做法,諗法,堅持,係從佢地學習。。。What else can be said? How else can we explain to people in Hong Kong the importance of a band like Sick of it All...if it weren't for them, WE would not exist. Everything we do, the way we carry out our band, our ethics, our dedication to hard work and hardcore, we've learned from this band.

2013年好幸運可以幫我地英雄搞首次來香港演出的表演。。。難得佢地會再來但係更加想像唔到今次佢地會選擇我地跟佢成個亞洲巡演。。。oh my god。。。二十幾年前邊個諗到一日會有咁的機會。。。In 2013 we had the immense honor of putting on our heroes first EVER show in Hong...Read more

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正啊 - 十月四號傳奇硬核樂隊sick of it all會係香港表演。。。十月八號傳奇金屬樂隊carcass會係香港表演。。。香港人幾日裡有咁正的學習重型音樂的機會。。。希望兩場都好成功!希望香港人不會錯過呢兩場學習的機會。。。感受下咩嘢叫hardcore咩嘢叫metal。October is an insane month for heavy music in Hong Kong - at least for people who truly love heavy music...October 4 we have hardcore legends Sick of it All then on October 8 we have metal legends Carcass...in just a few days HK has the best possible opportunity to get schooled on heavy music...we wish both shows the best of luck! @hiddenagendahk @sickofitallnyc @uniteasia @carcassband

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KLC next show 我地下場show:

August 30 FREE ENTRY 免費入場 地點: Backstage酒吧 (中環) 6pm

Saying goodbye to Backstage Bar in Central. 多一個本地場地就要關門。

Turing apples Modern Children Logo DR.EGGS The Sleeves Intellectual MORONs King Ly Chee 荔枝王 log.hk


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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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