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Let's Fight Jam last night...

Had a fun time last night with some of the main people who will be playing this song this Friday and Saturday night! :-) Paul wasn't there because he wasn't feeling well...so it was me, Joseph (Hardpack), Seasons Lee, Johnny (was filling in for Glenn - Shepherds the Weak/Hardpack), Sik (Sonic Temple)...

We just got together to see how this song was going to be pieced together for all the singers who we'll be jamming with on Tuesday...I do wish that Kevin (Hardpack) was here!!! I haven't jammed with my ol' brother in some sort of musical endeavor since he left KLC in '05! But the dude is busy building a life in music so he's traveling the world doing what he has to do! I'm proud of you bro!

We all thought it was going to be a bit tougher then it turned out to be! :-) Thanks to Seasons awesome work he had the whole thing all timed and ready for us to just come in and do our parts...

This is going to be a fun weekend man!!!

For those who know King Ly Chee...we're playing the second night and will be playing the following songs:

  1. Skinless

  2. She

  3. Refuse

We're only going to play 3 songs because we're pretty sure everything is going to run over time...so to just help with everything we'll play fewer so you can watch Paul for longer! :-)

Can't wait!!!



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Hey Dude, Went to the myspace site but couldn't see the video. I heard about your new singer and how she rips. Would love to hear her. I didn't know you taught kindergarten. When the kids get out of hand do you scream at them punk style? That'll keep `em in check!
almost 17 years ago
that's weird! i wonder why you couldn't see it... here are some LIVE videos of us in action: 1. LIVE in Beijing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2s_JhDORYo 2. LIVE in Bangkok: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGUDdjn1-KM the sound is of course not that hot because this is just people using their handcams to record... but you get the idea...AND you get the idea of what you're missing by not getting your ass back to HK this Saturday! :-) dude...regarding kindergarten: any little 5 year old punk that steps out of line is going to get the full wrath of this hardcore-til-death Pakistani! just kidding...surprisingly - i have tons of patience when it comes to kids, adults on the otherhand? nope...hahaha riz
almost 17 years ago


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