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Circle Pit Hell at Let's Fight! :-)

What's up everyone...

As you can see from everyone else's posts about Let's Fight - it was one of the most memorable events to take place in HK for rock music. "Rock" music in HK will always be an "underground" thing because not enough people on the mainstream level give a shit about this. Even certain rock bands will slowly begin to walk the line of poppier stuff just to make their music more accessible. And there's NOTHING wrong with that! Please don't misunderstand me...I'm just saying that unfortunately, bands who want to make a living from their music have no other choice in Hong Kong but to gradually start going down the more "pop" path.

So that's why it was an even more meaningful 2 nights because these bands haven't compromised anything for what they believe in...they've stood by their music and beliefs no matter how many people have told them to give up (we know all about this)...all the bands doing what they've been doing and doing what they do best. This includes legends like: Seasons Lee, Lau Yee Dat, Family, Audio Traffic, Sonic Temple, etc...and the new breed of rockers like: Dear Jane, Hardpack, Qiu Hong, 24 Herbs, Ryan Hui, Josie, etc...

Friendships were made...lifelong memories were exchanged...Ryan Hui stagedived twice during King Ly Chee's set, Conroy decided to circle pit the OTHER way just because he's badass like that!, one of the biggest circle pits I've ever seen took place, 24 Herbs rocked da' house!!!, G (our singer) was carried all the way to the back of HITEC while singing hahaha..., we sold shirts/CD's/DVD's...my brother Kevin made it just in time to get on stage and rock out with the song that he helped write for this event "Let's Fight"...

It was an amazing night...Paul is the man...the man puts his heart clearly on his sleeve. He poured so much money into this event - for what? For the future of rock in HK...

There are times that we all feel like giving up...times where we wonder how much longer we can do this. 7 years is a long time to be struggling in this city...but when shows like this take place with all our friends and families like 24 Herbs etc who stand up with you on stage and scream your name, when Paul Wong is on YOUR side, when the audience goes apeshit...

IT MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!! We know we'll never be a "BIG" band in Hong Kong. We know that the mainstream will never "accept" us...but when we have friends and supporters like YOU ALL - what do we need them for? 

Here's a video from the circle pit that went on for us at the show: GIVE ME A CIRCLE PIT NOW!

Pass it on...share the hearts and memories that we all tried to create together at the show...

Peace and see you all again soon!


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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
You guys kicked so much ass I have a rash on my butt. Excellent job. GREAT energy! Y'know .. it's not totally my type of music, per se, but when you guys are on stage doing you thing it's hard not to jump up and down and give the rocker 3-finger salute. It was a total blast. G is insane. She should bottle that energy and take Red Bull out of business.
almost 17 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
That was so much fun. You guys rocked and were the best examples of how things should be done! Love & Respect!
almost 17 years ago


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