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yo ladies and gents,

the day of the show is finally just 24 hours away...

i know most of you probably don't listen to heavy music...much less care to come out to a show organized by heavy bands showcasing heavy bands...BUT, i hope you will at least have some interest at what a show is like that is organized by heavy bands themselves that features some of HK's heavy bands. aren't you curious at what the stage is going to look like? aren't you curious what the sound is goi...Read more

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FEB 23 SHOW is going to rock your ass silly! :-)


Big thanks to the crew of alivenotdead for hooking up that awesome banner on the site to help us promote this show! This show is our label (Start From Scratch Records) first show for the new year and we're planning for it to go OFF!!! We've rented so much equipment for the show, have to put up our own stage, and generally bust our asses FROM SCRATCH to put this show on!!! We hope you guys will take the time to come out to at least just check out what all our hard work is going to be all a...Read more

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Making of UNITE ASIA EP videos up now!!!


These videos are hilarious and I'll keep adding more over the next few days!!! Just go to our website and click into the VIDEOS section! :-)


See you all on Feb 23rd at a show that we've organized with our brothers in Shepherds the Weak! The show is taking place at a venue called "Pier Pressure" which is located on the second floor of the Lamma Ferry Pier #4 in Central (no - you don't have to g...Read more

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Unite Asia EP responses have been incredible!!

oh my gosh...feel quite overwhelmed with all the comments we've received about the free EP! the greatest ones have to be the one's on our myspace who say "thank you so much for making this free...it's so generous of you guys"! i don't know how to describe how i feel with everyone's encouragement for releasing something like this. much like most of you, i am MUCH MORE of a fan of actually having a CD because then i can check out the artwork and of course the lyrics. so i had my doubt...Read more

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BOTH English and Chinese versions are up now!!!


TOTALLY FREE!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND PASS IT ON TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! We want to see your pets rocking out to this at our next show!!! :-)



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3 more days until our band new UNITE ASIA EP pounds you in the head!!! :-)

that's right 3 more days...

because this is an online thing only we are still busy working on getting the website that will host this thing ready. as many of you know this EP will be in two version: a chinese version and an english version...with that comes a shitload of other issues...the website that will host the EP will therefore also have to be one for English and one for Chinese! damn...mad amounts of work. plus this EP isn't being hosted on our own website but o...Read more

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Ryan's new song RULES!!!

just here to quickly say that Ryan's new song is incredible so if you guys haven't had time to check out the video yet (yeah right!!!) then hit it up!!! just click on that huge awesome banner above! :-) scottie did an awesome job with this video - pro stuff bro!!! when are you hooking us up with a video!??!?! :-)

can't wait to hear more new stuff Ryan!!! KEEP IT UP HOMIE!!!



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Read more

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Vientiane - chilling...

hanging out in vientiane...the capital of a little country called Laos that is surrounded by: China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar (used to be called Burma)...

i had NO idea what to expect before we came here (my girlfriend and i) and i have to say that i was totally surprised that this "capital" city was more like a tiny little town. i didn't do the proper research obviously, because once i got here i was like where the hell are all the people?! i looked it up and found out this capital city only has 350,000 re...Read more

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Has it really been that long?!

Dude...it says our last blog to this thingy was in october...it's not December 30th!

Well if you are supporters you know where to be going to check up on us anyway! :-) That's www.kinglychee.com which i update everyday...

Anyway, what an insane year it's been...ending it with an incredible show with our bestfriends in HK Shepherds the Weak by our side and on stage with us, as well as all the hundreds of people that made it out to this show, was ...Read more

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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