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dude...i don't know if you guys have (恭碩良)Jun Kung's album "nowhere man" but this is one of the greatest things ever released in Hong Kong. pop music for me in this city is uninspirational - to put it nicely. but people like Jun, Soler, Paul Wong make pop so damn good, inspirational, interesting, and allows me to learn so much about music and writing SONGS...not to mention allows me to improve my Chinese! :-)

Jun in my eyes is the "ultimate" musician...if you listen to any one of his songs on this album you can hear his mastery in the field of writing music...from start to finish his songs are so packed full of musical expertise. there are multiple layers of instruments (most of which you'll find that he played!)...multiple layers of vocals...the dude is just amazing...AMAZING...

this dude should be a legend...

soler's record (the one that came out last year) is incredible...the song "make the whole world dance" rules my life...i can only hope that one day i can play music as good as these dudes. i mean come on - listen to this song!??!?! how the HELL did they write something like that?!??!! it's musical genius...

okay - going to bed...

good night...



PS: i don't usually update this thing...i update our main website daily so go read that everyday! :-) www.kinglychee.com

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你好!!! 謝謝你的message!!! 現在一定不是太晚了! the best is yet to come! :-) 我們已經花了七年的時間玩音樂...可是還沒累...還有很多東西沒有做過...還有很多歌的目的沒有說過...還有很多國家沒有去過...所以你看到我們不會放棄...就需要你這樣的人的支持...什麼時候開始支持我們不是問題...最重要是有你的支持... 謝謝!!! 關於我的華語...我會繼續努力學好的... peace, riz
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I agree with you! Jun Kung is DA BOMB! Good show tomorrow in Shenzhen! Rock hard!
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