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Teaching Kindergarten

Dude...most of you probably don't know this but my day time job is teaching Kindergarten at Hong Kong International School (I'm actually a TA but in the Kindergarten level we teach along side the teachers because the kids are so young). It's an awesome job just because it's one of the few jobs where you get to feel the impact that you can leave on the future pretty much immediately.

Funny stories are abound...just now the kids (I'm at school now) had swimming and got changed back into their school uniform. One of the kids wore his shirt backwards on purpose (remember 5 years old) and spent the whole lunch time with his shirt on backwards. He loved all the attention he was being given by the other kids...it was actually hilarious and I wish I had gotten a pic...

Actually wait, I'll got get a picture of him right now! hahaha...

Seeya in a bit!


OKAY - i'm back...here are some photos of this little awesome kid! :-)

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Do they primarily teach in English or Chinese at the school? Did you go to an international school growing up or was it the standard education system they have here (whatever that is?)
almost 17 years ago
I went to the school that I teach in now! :-) Hong Kong International School...teaching medium is English with an emphasis on Mandarin (kids as young as the 4 year old attend Mandarin classes at school)
almost 17 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Dang .. I gotta send my kids to that. Assuming I ever have any. So .. how did you learn your Cantonese then? Just from being in HK or did you take classes when you were younger at all?
almost 17 years ago
wow ren ren you remember that stuff from when y ou were in kindergarten? that obviously means you had a great experience in kindergarten! i don't remember much from my time there!!! hahaha...means i had a bad experience? don't know...
almost 17 years ago
it's not hard to get a job here if you have experience working with kids...especially early childhood kids (3-8 years old). so go on and apply! yes - this is the kid that i want to adopt too! everyday he does the funniest stuff... today we had a huge international day event (that's my latest blog update) and we had a huge international day feast. so the kids were able to eat as much as they wanted. this kid kept going back for more and more. and he ate SO much that his tummy was just hanging out and pretty much about to drop to the floor! :-) then later we found out that the reason he kept eating out of one of the trays was so he could take the tray home! hahaha...he just liked the tray! such a sweet kid...working with kids for me is what reminds me that i'm alive in this world... riz
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