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FEB 23 SHOW is going to rock your ass silly! :-)


Big thanks to the crew of alivenotdead for hooking up that awesome banner on the site to help us promote this show! This show is our label (Start From Scratch Records) first show for the new year and we're planning for it to go OFF!!! We've rented so much equipment for the show, have to put up our own stage, and generally bust our asses FROM SCRATCH to put this show on!!! We hope you guys will take the time to come out to at least just check out what all our hard work is going to be all about...

We're INSANELY psyched about this show because of all the people that have come together to work their asses off to make this go OFF!!!

Also, I'm here to announce our label's SECOND show of the year which will be on March 21 featuring a US "nintendocore" band called Horse the Band. Yes you read that right - NINTENDOCORE?!??! What the hell is that I hear you asking...Just come to the show and find out! :-)

Information about both these shows are below:



See you all there!!! Thank you so much for the love, support and encouragement for these shows! It is definitely the most expensive show we've organized in the past 9 years...so we're hoping we don't lose too much money on it!!! :-)



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nintendocore!?! i was about to say "what the hell is that?" then i read your answer... :-D
over 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Anything with Nintendo written all over..I'm there man. Well, I'm there for you too. hah.
over 15 years ago
yo scottie, i just read that ryan's got a show that same night on Mar 21 dude!!! BUMMER!!! :-( hopefully he can make it back out for our show! can't wait to get our shit started bro! :-) peace, riz
over 15 years ago


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