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Ryan's new song RULES!!!

just here to quickly say that Ryan's new song is incredible so if you guys haven't had time to check out the video yet (yeah right!!!) then hit it up!!! just click on that huge awesome banner above! :-) scottie did an awesome job with this video - pro stuff bro!!! when are you hooking us up with a video!??!?! :-)

can't wait to hear more new stuff Ryan!!! KEEP IT UP HOMIE!!!



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thanks for helping get the word out!
over 15 years ago
yeah i've even posted about it on our main website: www.kinglychee.com riz
over 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Riz, your the man. Glad you like our low budget epic. hahaha. I'll do your video anytime man. Just give me the word.
over 15 years ago


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