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Vientiane - chilling...

hanging out in vientiane...the capital of a little country called Laos that is surrounded by: China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar (used to be called Burma)...

i had NO idea what to expect before we came here (my girlfriend and i) and i have to say that i was totally surprised that this "capital" city was more like a tiny little town. i didn't do the proper research obviously, because once i got here i was like where the hell are all the people?! i looked it up and found out this capital city only has 350,000 residents!!! what the hell!?!??! more like a small town! hahahaha...but it's been great visiting this place which is still pretty much like it has been decades ago...untouched with commercialization or globalization. yes, there are lots of backpacker type people...and there are quite a few guesthouses and hotels, but overall, the people here all look like they're still living in the 80's. even the "local" pop music that we hear everywhere reminds me of 1980's Beyond! every time hear this one particular Lao song we start singing the Beyond version! hahahahaha...

i thing a great sign of this city is that there are no mcdonalds and no starbucks...can you believe that? there's actually a capital city on this plane that doesn't have either one of these things! it's awesome - forces all these "guai lo" backpackers to enjoy the LOCAL food for once! actually, there are a bunch of "diner" type of places that make western food and that's where you find all the "guai lo's"...

i'll upload photos from this trip when i'm back in hong kong on sunday night...

hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!!!


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