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3 more days until our band new UNITE ASIA EP pounds you in the head!!! :-)

that's right 3 more days...

because this is an online thing only we are still busy working on getting the website that will host this thing ready. as many of you know this EP will be in two version: a chinese version and an english version...with that comes a shitload of other issues...the website that will host the EP will therefore also have to be one for English and one for Chinese! damn...mad amounts of work. plus this EP isn't being hosted on our own website but on China's biggest metal magazine called Painkiller's website: www.painkillermag.com

so on Jan 30, if we can keep all our tech issues in check, we'll be able to launch this badass EP for all of you to download for FREE!!!

then you have a few days to learn the songs and meet us at The Fringe Club on Feb 2 as we headline the HK Live event! one bad news - our drummer boy, Man, is out because his wrist totally got fucked. he's going to see if he'll be able to play a couple songs on saturday...but we're recruiting our brother Mike from Shepherds the Weak to see if he can play a couple of our songs to give Man a break in between songs...we're going to work on that today (sunday) and see how that works out...

see you soon! Remember JANUARY 30!!! go to www.kinglychee.com for more info!!!



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let us know when the link is up! if they can't solve their problems talk to pat about putting it up here in the meanwhile....
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Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
I'm ready for the headache yo! Best of luck and bring it on!
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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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