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Finally found some peace of my own time hangin out at Pauls studio...Everyone has left except for josie,paul and a sik,...I really dun know where to start from cus i forgot where i left it at....Well anyway i hvae just been tryin to keep myself busy with the usual gigging and trying to keep my little shitt band ALIVE by tryin to play more gigs and just be playing.....We played a show lastnite with STW at LKF lastnite and it was a nice cosy place where people were goin crazy right in front of you and people jumpin into to my drums and...Read more

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"Hardpacks next show"

This is gonna be short one as well....tryin to round up pics for da josie gig up in beijing and will post them up later,not to mention, It was a fuckin blast!!!..so much fun always!!!!...anyways Hardpacks got a show in LKF with shepherds the weak on the 23rd of november....YIP WUN 13th floor represent!!!!

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"Fuck yeah"

Fuckin awsome to be able to go to beijing again this weekend!!!.....Playin a mini show with my home gal josie again this time with team B...the audio boys cant make it cus they have a show on the 3rd.....I am gonna raid those lamb skewers again!!!!!!...Hope to c some of beijing AnD crew up there again.......

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Its been a while...hmmmm....

Wow gee weez...Finally a update on this little bloggy thingy me jig....Luckily i have been quite busy over this past month or 2 playin gigs and workin hard with hardpack spending time at davys studio trying to finish the hardpack ep.....I think its gonna be ready soon...hopefully......Well as u can see on dons blog,I played a gig in beijing with our home gal ...Read more

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Ladies and gentleman please refer to don's blog...He took the words right out of my mouth....

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"I am sorry"

I am sorry for this and i am sorry for that..........Just gettin emo lately...nevermind me...Anyway just akin a break from jup gor and i always love to use blog writing to release some stress and to ease my mind of work...writing a blog is yoga for me cus it relaxes me......I am so happy i just finished recording the song for josie and had sooo much fun playin drums on a new eason song that davy produced...its always fun recording up in a.room especially with the company of my home boys glenn,don and my hardpack boys......

just...Read more

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"Hardpacks shitty performance or actually my shitty performance"

OK...Ok...OK...Dued to a special program and incident that happened on saturday Kevins write up on the last eason skool tour in china will be delayed so please tune in for that later and in the mean time please try to enjoy what kevins gotta say......

Woohh....First of all I would like to thank everyone that came out and supported hardpack at the fringe and like usual its always fun seeing the AnD family along my other friends like my new zealander chinese friends Kavsta and h...Read more

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"what an honour"

Wooohh...Found this pic on da net and what an honour it was to jam with junny boy!!...(One of my favourite drummers in hk)...Here is a pic of us gettin all emo on stage.....And skottie boy at da back....Oh yeah by da way try and  notice the pants  and colour tone on us.(we didnt plan it) ..drummers favourite  pants Camo!!!

I also like this p...Read more

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"Cough cough...sneeze sneeze"

Crikey i was like thinkin that i would be lucky enough not to fall ill this summer but unfortunately I did get the flu and now i am sneezin and coughin painfully at home.....

We had a pretty good week last week spendin time in our little ghetto band room writing up some new tunes for hardpack and talkin abt how we are gonna decorate our new band room........Work wise for me is going pretty good after doin eric suens concert last week i got a bar gig to do for a old skool taiwanese rocker called "Lo dare&qu...Read more

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"Killing time"

Hmmmmmm....Here i am at polear bear studio(pauls studio) killin time bloggin whilst waiting to record a song which is gonna be on josie's new mandarin album...... Had a tough day at JSG yesterday cus the work load was heavy and very Ma lun farn.....But at the end of the day we nailed it....On air tv programmes are very different to playin live shows cus evrything has to be precised like time wise,If a song is 2min it cant be 1 59' or 2 05' its got to be 2min precisely...But thats what makes it exciting,stressful though......Read more

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