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Finally found some peace of my own time hangin out at Pauls studio...Everyone has left except for josie,paul and a sik,...I really dun know where to start from cus i forgot where i left it at....Well anyway i hvae just been tryin to keep myself busy with the usual gigging and trying to keep my little shitt band ALIVE by tryin to play more gigs and just be playing.....We played a show lastnite with STW at LKF lastnite and it was a nice cosy place where people were goin crazy right in front of you and people jumpin into to my drums and it was total chaos but FUN!...That reminds me of the good old times we had back at the warehouse where people just come and have a good time...Ohhhh....the good old days....i gotta try and stop thinkin abt them..Hardpack is playin again next week at the diesel gallery and its gonna be huge!!...Anyway this year has gone really fast and i belive that all of ya's agree...Had been doin alot of the TVb gigs lately like the EYT reunion nite and the TVB 40th anniversary presentation awards nite, and its always fun to play alot of the oldies cus I love to try and mimick all diff styles and generations of music....

On the other hand alot of us AnD band crew has been busy takin part in the josie ho mandarin project and hopefully u guys will like it cus i have seen the blood and sweat thats come from paul and the whole of polar bear crew....Anyway hope to c the AnD crew at the diesel gig!!!.....

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