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Harlem shake Hong Kong style in the MTR|香港鐵路哈林搖|香港铁路哈林摇

We did a Harlem shake video Hong Kong MTR style!!! Hope u guys like it!!!!It was outta control!!! If u like it please share!! Hong Kong Represent always!!! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ePdOmw6FMc | We did a Harlem shake video Hong Kong MTR style!!! Hope u guys like it!!!!It was outta control!!! If u like it please share!! Hong Kong Represent always!!...Read more

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Vans helps me keep the beat | Vans幫助我保持节拍 | Vans帮助我保持节拍

One thing I love about Vans is the attitude and sub-culture it represents. Many of my favorite bands throughout the years have always had a pair of Vans on their feet. I always play drums with Vans on. All the time.Its not only a skaters shoe its also a drummer's shoe,When ever i am on tour with my band vans are always on me, La cripta dos,TNT,Jeff grosso and V...Read more

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prank video we did on singer william chan

Hardpack 情義兩難全之玩爆你個腎 第3回 外賣傾情陳偉霆, 玩佢玩到落九龍城。 皆因上集反應太勁, 今次搵埋朱薰嚟試佢友情, 外賣仔VS陳偉霆 有請各位轉發,齊齊做品評!
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzlynWn8aKc

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An MV that we are very proud of!!!

Just wanna share an MV we shot whilst rallying last sunday!!!...A very meaningful one for us as we walked the streets in unity protesting what we think is not right!!!..Thanks to an awsome production team command N Big thanks to Helen To and Paul for takin part in this fun and meaningful mv....Btw this song talks abt how everything is so expensive now a days in hk and we are just tryin to voice out our feelings as normal hk citizens...Hope u guys like it!!!!..the mv was shot in 2 hours and edited in 3 days!...Also i big tha...Read more

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I know i should be asleep by now,But i sought of wanna still ummm say hello and to type some stuff so hopefully i will pass out before this blog is done,...Man! da last time i was bloggin was like hmmmmm last year??..I cant believe that!!!..I used to blog all da time!!!!...I figured its umm because so many changes and so many things have happened and i got to a point where i thought no one gives a shit abt me or whatever so why should i still do it??...But at least i know  i have raffi and patrick still throwin their love to me!!....To see pat...Read more

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these artist's deserve a good prank!!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APUtRjIddzw

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Lazy Mutha Fucka's not as lazy as you think

After stoppin for 6 years and with our members involved in different aspects of music around town,We have now reunited to Have some fun and make some music!!...Who says you need record companies to back you up for makin music???....Come to www.wildlazymf.com to free download LMF's new song!!!....We actually aint that lazy anymore.....we have our 1st show of our WIld lazy tour on december 6th singapore then its our home town HK in january 2nd....See ya&...Read more

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Meeting the Legendary japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi-3

Well here i am in tokyo visitng my sister and catchin up with hre cus we havent seen each other in yonks, This trip has been awsome cus i was able to meet one of my favourite tattoo artist's in my life "HORIYOSHI-3 and to go visit his tattoo museum,with the help of my sister's translations i was able to visit him at his studio thru his wife and hung out there for a while and might go pop in to get a little work done by him and his son.....

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Pics from genting trip....

finally got to upload a few pics of the genting trip.....I always treasure every moment with the people i go on trips with cus I am lucky to be able to work with these people,i never ever take it for granted...

Him on his flight

Just arrived and coffee ...Read more

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Writing on behalf of Hardpack

I am bloggin on behalf of hardpack here cus i have forgotten the password to hardpacks page but dun worry AnD admin's I will get it back from my boys cus its to late to call them now....Hardpack is gonna be playin da polymuso show this saturday and we have an annoucement to make that day in regards to some changes in the band.....Its gonna be a special show for us cus ummmm......U guys will find out on the day!!...So come support  Josie,Audio traffic,STW,24 herbs and this so called HK Shitty little  local fat band...Lets jus...Read more

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