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I try to do my best at everything and I just try and go and go and go as far as i can with what i am doing and love most...Drumming! Towards friends i am straight up real!!! I might piss my friends off sometimes by accident but if u r my real friend please tell me if I did piss u off instead of talkin behind my back cus i do take criticism in a positive way...thanks to all of ya's that do take me as a real friend! I believe that peace is what we all need!!..Its taken sometime for me to figure it out but anyway...Peace! "Music never lies, only people do"

我很努力做每件事,想走得更遠…最愛打鼓!朋友面前,我保持真實的自我!!!可能有時我會對朋友發火,可是如果你是我的真朋友,請告訴我,是在背後說壞話好,還是當面批評好?…謝謝把我當真朋友的你們!我相信和平是大家的需要!!也許我花了些時間領悟,但無論如何…和平! “音樂永遠不會說謊,只有人才說謊。”

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Mandarin
Location Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Kevin Li
Traditional Chinese Name 李健宏
Member Since April 19, 2007
Simplified Chinese Name 李健宏
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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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April 19, 2007