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"Curry makes my day"

Things have been da usual,Just playin my weekly jsg thing..And oh by da way I played the ani-con thingy last friday with Josie and Ryan and it was a fun gig playin with my TKW welfare band members....It was a meaningful day that day as well july 27th becus 1 year ago same day Josie and the TKW welfare band took the stage at hitec for her 1st rock concert and also that was when this little band  was established...Anyway back to the ani-con gig...It was so awsome again seeing the AnD crew with team captain Pat aka rottendoubt...A...Read more

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"Working class men"

Yep well u know how hard it is trying to make a living as a musician in HK..For us lower class musicians Its a struggling life for us to try and make a living but luckily we have our part time jobs so we can at least have enough money to buy some bread each day.....I didnt want to show this pic but i just want people out there to know..this is what ryan,joseph and I do when we are not playing music...yep workin in factory's.....Here is a pic of us on a lunch break..

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The answer to the previous blog"

Ok everyone this is what really happens!!!......I know this was a pretty stupid guessing game but i did it just to feel even more stupid....release some stress.....

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"What a blast i had"

Wooohhh....I just finished updating the hardpack blog so check that out guys!!....Well for me i havnt been so happy for such a long time,PLaying the yo park show was awsome for me cus i havnt played a rock show for soooo long and after playing so much canto-pop playing with ur own band and friends like josie and ryan is such an awsome feeling...After playing 3 sets of pure high energy rock i can say that i am loving it cus i didnt really feel tir...Read more

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"keepin positive"

I want wait to play the gigs that are line up for this summer holiday.....I am so inspired by a band called "amber pacific" at the moment..thanks to seth who showed me this band...anyway cant wait to playing more this holidays......

here is a pic of an idiot being and idiot while gettin ready for a canto-pop programme called jade solid gold which is a TVB thingy...this is how bored this idiot is...

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"Very brief update"

Yep...Although playin gigs, trying to get used to the new format for jade solid gold,spending time at a.room with hardpack and playing gigs again nuthin much has happened...Tried to spend sometime with with my mum while she was in town,we did alot of the yumcha and she loves hk..She flew back to sydney yesterday,my turn to go back in august.......Oh by da way i got some more pics from skots camera from my china trip and will be postin them up like one every few days....

Below is a pic of my chengdu girl friend and me han...Read more

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"Rockn roll at grappas"

Woohh....Went to grappas to check out brotha Eugene playing rockn roll and I think its the 1st time i ever saw him play old rock tune with this new line up band....Adrian  sang so well and he just kept on going and going,Skot on bass never a let down and actually it was weird watchin him from an audience tonite cusi am so used to having him by my side on stage..,Ferdie tore the drums and fuckin rocked so hard i thought i was gonna explode in a drummers orgasm....Good to see so many friends there as well,Pam,vince,solar,don f...Read more

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"Lets get physical physical..I wanna get physical..lala"

Cant wait until the hardpack ep is finished cus we wanna start writing some new stuff....I was at a.room the other nite checkin out phat testing the mic and its getting there and i am sure once he starts going its all gonna be good....We had a jam in the band room lastnite cus we have written a song for our home gal josie and its gonna  go on her mandarin album...so yep lets justg wait and see...After weeks and weeks of seriously thinking i am gonna start exercising again cus i gotta lose som...Read more

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"Freaky style"

So whassup everyone after doing a few tvb charity  shows which pay. now i am back in action for some hardpack,Ho-chiu stuff....I cant believe i just finished reading 2 books,I havnt read a book since i dunno when.....But to make me read,the books have got to be really interesting and yep so here i am now to introduce them to you...The 1st book is called "Gweilo" by martin booth and its abt a gweilo living in hk when he was like 8-10 years old in the 50's and the second one was introduced by my friend skot and its called...Read more

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"Finally its happened to me"

Umm....yeah....well finally i got somethin this week  that i have been dreaming of since starting to play the drums...and I will announce it here when i have done all da paper work stuff but anyway..they r in my hands now and i cant wait to use them on jsg.....Its always good to have somethin to support u whilst playing an instrument that requires alot of accessories like the drums...And finally i am lucky to have that support....Thanks t...Read more

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