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"Fair dinkum mate,back from down under"

Ok...I am sorry for not postin a happy fools day blog the next day cus i was busy with rehearsals for Hardpacks gig at the OM launch party.....Anyway I had to leave for sydney the next day and that was so tired  after that gig....Sydney my hometown and the place i grew up in has changed so much since i last visited which was back in 2004 or was it 2005??...Anyway I had to renew my drivers license cus if not i will have to do da whole process again and that would suck big time.....It was also a good chance for...Read more

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"i am so sorry to say but hardpack is gonna call it quits"

    Yes i hate to be writing this blog but yes unfortunately hardpack is gonna call it quits cus we think its time to finish it...To all the supporters out there thanks for the support but yes we are gonna call it off cus ihave got to a point that i think i hate playing in this shitty band so that means no more hardpack.....really sorry to all u guys...so pls if anyone is reading this blog please leave spme nice comments cus i am gonna be leavin the ANd site cus its no use for me to till be...Read more

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Josie and da uni boys@GLAM TRASH rehearsals

Yes we are counting down the days till josie and the uni boys hit the stage at star hall this sunday!!!....For me i had a big 2 weeks rehearsin with josie and hardpack...We played a show for audiotraffics tvb music programme and it was fun hangin out with the AnD boys but it was only that saturday nite that i hung out with them at racks for abit....Yep i am not gonna go on anymore ...Read more

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Kev's ready to rock on with the Uni Boys at Glam Trash

Whats up everyone!!!....

yes its  been 2 years since josie rocked the stage at hitec and now this time being the glam trash nite,be ready for a big glamourous party!!!....

With adrian,don, skot, saybun, angelita li, pam and me on the team hopefully we can make ita big rockin nite...Please come show ya love and j...Read more

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"Finally i have somethin to share which is so damn true"

Here is a report that a friend sent me and i think its really worth sharin amongst you alivenotdead's cus i believe every muso or performer on this site has had these worries and stress b4 performin b4 onece in their life time.....pls enjoy....


The Effects of Stress on Music Performance

by Tracy Temple

Stress seems to be a very common affliction these days, and musicians are certainly not immune to its negative effects. But, unlike most professions, m...Read more

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"Audio traffic,Hardpack,Wild day out and Kary's Lady K 2008 concert"

Wow what a january i had!!!....This month has been a blast for me cus i can wish for nuthin more then be playing alot of shows and doin alot of work!!!....U know when u feel like erghhhh..why is it so quiet??..why am i so free?....Why can i sleep in?.....that means nuthin much is happenin in ur life,I had those feelings durin december but luckily this month made up for all those negative thoughts......Anyway I started off the year with Hardpack @ HK Live 2nd anniversary and al...Read more

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"Every other day but xmas"

Oh well..guess i got to take a break this xmas cus i dun think i have ever not had a gig durin xmas time...But every other day i have been doin what i love most..playin drums....We did a gig with josie in her home town macau last week and then we took part in her hochiu supermarket mv shoot which was really fun!!!...anyway hope u guys had a great xmas!....thanks to lisa mm i got a few pics to upload!!..thanks lisa!

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Hardpack@Little fat pigs cd release!

What great fun it was at little fat pigs cd release show...So awsome to c this band have their 1st album and crikey they beat hardpack to it.....hahaha,,,,anyway awsome to see etch and stephen again,they always have our love(gosh soundin gay again kev,..) Finally got to hang out with the FbI guys....anyway its weird not workin durin xmas this year...hmmm...but been workin every other day...Hardpack has another show at the end of the year to wrap up the year...And its gonna be with ryan and STW...so check that out and will...Read more

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"just a bit of something"


*Do you feel nervous around your partner?

*Do you have to be careful to control your behavīor to avoid their anger?

*Do you feel pressured by your partner when it comes to sex?

*Are you scared of disagreeing with your partner?

*Does your partner criticize you, or humiliate you in front of other people?

*Are they always checking up or questioning you about what you do without your partner?

*Does your partner repeatedly and wrongly accuse yo...Read more

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Hardpack,Qiuhong and Love puzzle@AnD diesel party

Oh my god!!!....What a fuckin awsome nite we all had lastnite at the AnD diesel party!!!!...Icouldnlt update the hardpack page cus i forgot the new log in and pass word so i will represent my boys on my little shitty blog...We arrived at the venue to see nice equipment and nice sound company and that was a bug turn on already for us,We then met up with the beijin band Love puzzle and they were the nicest dudes....Maybe its becus i havent been out for so long cus it was so awsome to see so many friends and guy...Read more

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