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"Hardpacks next show"

This is gonna be short one as well....tryin to round up pics for da josie gig up in beijing and will post them up later,not to mention, It was a fuckin blast!!!..so much fun always!!!!...anyways Hardpacks got a show in LKF with shepherds the weak on the 23rd of november....YIP WUN 13th floor represent!!!!

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doh, i'll be in tokyo that night. but we'll post it up on the events listing.
over 16 years ago
the poster looks bad!
over 16 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
to phat!...umm..yeah thats usually what underground indie band show posters look like,,,and to asuka i think its not a problem for under 18's...
over 16 years ago
Photo 23445
the poster looks like a Halloween Special Bandshow hahahaha and also you can see the wall of the studio too! seth
over 16 years ago


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