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"Killing time"

Hmmmmmm....Here i am at polear bear studio(pauls studio) killin time bloggin whilst waiting to record a song which is gonna be on josie's new mandarin album...... Had a tough day at JSG yesterday cus the work load was heavy and very Ma lun farn.....But at the end of the day we nailed it....On air tv programmes are very different to playin live shows cus evrything has to be precised like time wise,If a song is 2min it cant be 1 59' or 2 05' its got to be 2min precisely...But thats what makes it exciting,stressful though....But its good training for the brain and workin as a whole department cus u got the director,Pa,Fm,audio,artists that u r dealing with and its whole unit of team work......Ummm....anyway should be going to china again at the end of the month with the TKW welfare band again backn EC and it should be fun...Anyway Just hope more work comes along...rehearsals start tomrrow for 2 days for a canto-pop gig i am doin on sunday....Wish i could be playin more rock stuff!....Oh well again at least its music that i am doin after all.....

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Kevinli da kevinli
Hey lisamm we are going to fook chow and shenyang this time....
almost 17 years ago


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