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Its been a while...hmmmm....

Wow gee weez...Finally a update on this little bloggy thingy me jig....Luckily i have been quite busy over this past month or 2 playin gigs and workin hard with hardpack spending time at davys studio trying to finish the hardpack ep.....I think its gonna be ready soon...hopefully......Well as u can see on dons blog,I played a gig in beijing with our home gal josie ho and kubert leung and that was a blast...Lamb skewers all da way baby!!!.....Met alot of AnD members in beijing like lisamm and iris and so on.....So we were like AnD represent!!....Anyway i am so bummed i missed out on wing's exhibition dued to work and i was like so close to the exhibition,I was in admiralty playin a gig at the AUDI car launch..which was alot of fun (NOT)....I didnt know how long ago it was when i was out hangin out with da homes until i saw ryan at the kary gig lastnite when he said hey dude i havnt seen u in ages and i was like..."oy yeah" shit i havnt seen anyone for so long....It was so good to c ryan,patrick and percy at the kary gig lastnite and boy did i have a blast!!..That was a fun workin gig to play cus Zarahn was there and there and to share the same stage with ya friends at a gig like this is so different to the normal workin gigs i do...It was FUN!!...Anyway tryin to keep positive and lookin forward to be helpin out audio traffic play a few  gigs in november.....here are some pics from beijing that i stole from don...

Early mornin at sound check @modern sky festival

Trying to stay awake

I think don likes my legs...

Being stupid behind the kit...

skot and I had our little moment

at this awsome chill out place...cant remember the name...

found a picture of a print ad i did last year for motorola at the motorola tent at the festical and the photographer for this pic is actually the honourable mr wing shye!!...so bummed i missed his exhibition....

Tryin to do the same pose.....

don,skot,Lisamm,josie and me at modern sky festival..>AnD hk rep with beijing rep

Nice arty pic by don...."see don, itold we should've walked this way"...


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wow those are great pics!
over 16 years ago
Photo 37059
We should have walked this way.... waahahahahhahahaha!!! Thnkx for you help bro...
over 16 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
yes music note its kary ng
over 16 years ago


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