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"Wish me luck"

Woooo.....I had a good days rest today chillin with my boys skot and adrian in the TKW community..We r gettin ready for a promotional skool show for eason tomolo and hopefully thigs will be smooth and go well for tomolo.....Hardpack is gonna be playing as well so hopefully things are gonna be alright.....actually a bit nervous cus we only had 1 day of rehearsal but I know the band itself has got each others backs cus thats what the TKW community welfare band is all about...Lookin out for each other"....Ok quick question..umm...i...Read more

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Hectic but lovin it"

Wow so awsome to have met a few aussie alivenotdeaders here...wow so surprised to know that  shmeke knows my mum.....woooohhhhh...been so busy this week and i think i am a bit over worked.....................but when the going gets rough the tough gets going!

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Crikey i am havin fun playin around on this website and its da bomb!!...so professionally done and most of all..its run by pure chinese brothas!!!...that is what i am proud of!!!..Anyway i have been havin a hectic week with rehearsals for jsg and then upcoming theresa carpio and george lam tvb gigs and then rehearsal with eason...Got the 1st tour stop in hk on may 2nd..excited and nervous i am cus its just me...I always give myself invisible stress but i know i should chill a bit....Have been busy doing promotions for the lets fight gig wi...Read more

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"Am i getting it right"

Here i am at kevs own little blog thingy.......still trying to get the hang of things on this site...hopefully i can be writing more up here as well...

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