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thoughts on CJ7 | 我看《長江7號》

I just saw CJ7, and I actually wrote a short review for Cinespot, it is in Chinese only, which i copied and pasted below, basically i would say as a big fan of stephen chow, i don't really like it. what i don't like most is the loss of "hong kong" touch in his recent films... the emotional part of the story also seems to lack some buildup..

雖 然 當 事 人 早 已 事 先 聲 明 要 大 改...Read more

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怎樣打飛機 How to hit a plane

a cantonese joke... don't ask if you don't know what it is...

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SFIAAFF 08 coming in March


just checked out the program of this year's san francisco asian american film festival, looks like i'll probably go to see some of the films, including:

a brighter summer day  (4hrs!)

881 (to support AnD's artist)

desert dream (i like zhang l...Read more

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A song for the day...

to my  shining star,

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ThuXEDvCZk from the guardian and observer of the star

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Kon Ichikawa 市川崑 RIP

Kon Ichikawa (1915-2008)TOKYO - Kon Ichikawa, the Japanese director of such films as "Harp of Burma" and "Tokyo Olympiad," has died. He was 92.A spokeswoman says Ichikawa died of pneumonia in a Tokyo hospital on Wednesday.He had been hospitalized since late January.Ichikawa's eldest son, Tatsumi, is planning to hold a funeral for family and close friends, with a public memorial servi...Read more

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恭喜發財 新年快樂

恭喜發財 新年快樂 Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!



工作 正如大家看到先前的文章﹐近來的確頗為忙碌﹐短片的拍攝正在全力進行中﹐由於當中出現了一些小問題﹐導致延誤情況﹐心情是有點煩躁。不過有問題就自然有解決方法﹐所以也不算讓人非常頭痛。


生活 新年過後﹐又是情人節的來臨。今年的情人節﹐心情特別欠妥﹐多想一分鐘﹐便更不喜歡這個日子﹐零可化作鴕鳥...



Read more

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guess who is making more money? a bus driver or the one who runs the city?

interesting article from nbc news: http://www.nbc11.com/news/15255612/detail.html?dl=mainclick


"So, who do you think makes more? The guy who drives the bus, or the one who runs the city?

The answer may surprise you.

Last year a driver for San Jose's Valley Transportation Agency made $118,000 including overtime.

San Jose's Mayor Chuck...Read more

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Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal 陳冠希慾照事件


Edison Chen sex photos nude pics -  Edison photo latest update  download - 淫照 慾照 陳冠希 鮑魚 video 短片 最新 閃卡 朋友 艳照淫照陈冠希 更新视频公開艺人 流出 全套 下載欲照

Ok, inspired by Etchy's post, just trying to do an experiment here, let's check a few days later and see if I can surpass Jet Li to get to the top of the artist's category...

Honestly, I really don't understand why this has to go...Read more

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haven't decided yet, but Obama's campaign is definitely captivating, with our AnD...

So super Tuesday is approaching, and the campaign activities are everywhere in the Bay Area, everyone can feel it, sense it, see it... everyone knows California is the base for Democrats, so while some Republican candidates are visiting on and off, almost all the spotlights now are on Obama and Hillary...

It is really a tough choice to choose, but somehow from what I saw, especially among the Asian communities, it kinda feels like Obama (and his campaign) is...Read more

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good laugh from CJ7

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEfO1cXmGHQ funny production video from CJ7.. listen to what stephen chow said... but u gotta understand cantonese to find it funny!

" 你唔可以..屌你! 你拱左..你拱左橋又見唔撚到個樣,喂你供橋都要有個樣架, 你唔可以真係咁撚樣架!咁樣見唔撚到你啊?" 

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Don't forget your dream!

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