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Need advice to deal with a VERY RUDE neighbor!

Hey guys, I think I need some advice from you to deal with a very rude neighbor!

Ok, so the story goes like this: This very rude white guy moved in a while ago and he has an old pickup truck, three weeks ago, he parked the truck right in front of my house and then never moved the car (it is still there now). and he actually lived a few houses from mine and there are lots of other street parking space next to his house.

since my house doesn't have a garage and my family has two cars, the way ...Read more

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Natalie Portman in Pickpocket??

Just finished watching Robert Bresson's Pickpocket, a really nice film about  the life of a pickpocket. As people know, Bresson's technique is interesting, especially with the way he treated his actors, which he called "models". check http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/directo...Read more

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Jun Ichikawa dies at 59 | 導演市川準突然逝世

tony takitani is one of my favorite japanese films in recent years... it is such a sad news since he was still young and active. may he rest in peace.

TOKYO, Sept. 19 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Film director Jun Ichikawa, known for directing stylish films such as "Tony Takitani," died of a brain hemorrhage early Friday at a Tokyo hospital, a film company official said. He was 59. Ichikawa, a native of Tokyo, started his career making Read more

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My artists friends on AnD, do you feel...?

I am wondering if any of the writers or visual artists (film, videomaker or actor) feel they are not getting the kind of respect they should get in terms of finding jobs or negotiating a job deal?

i dun remember how many times i have heard writer or actor or videomaker saying they are underpaid, or sometimes getting deferred pay they never actually receive.. go to websites like craigslist and you'll see so many ridiculous writing/film/video job posts...

and not to mention my own experience worki...Read more

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Some hikings during Labor Day weekend

I just had a "healthy" labor day weekend, spending most of my time hiking in the peinsula area as well as a farm in fremont... wasn't supposed to hike at these places but ended up having some good time and had some fresh air.

1st day of trip- lost in a forest

these trees are really big and tall...

Read more

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Mishima: a Life in Four Chapters

Criterion Collection just released Paul Schrader's Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters.. the old dvd version has been out of print for a while, so its really great to see it getting a re-release... and my copy just arrived a few days ago..

the new cc version contains 2 discs, the first disc features the film and the second comes with quite some features, including a documentary on this controversial man...

the film, banned in japan, is a piece of art, and you know you won't go wrong with actors like ken...Read more

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Share your real ghost story! | 應節一下﹐分享你的恐怖經歷!

The Festival of Hungry Ghost just passed, i guess it is probably a bit late, but I still wanna ask you guys if you have any ghost stories to share? anything you have experienced yourself or you heard of?

Ok, i'll start with one to stir it up. There is one story i heard from a friend that happened in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

So one night he (or his friends, i forgot) and some friends are driving near GG park, and then at the stop light, they see a car in front of them, at first they do...Read more

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have been watching the olympics since day 1, everything looks great so far, the opening ceremony is phenomenal, and the sports are great. i support both chinese and us team, so it is good to see that both teams are doing fine and competing back to back...

if i must complain, it is probably the tv coverage here in sf.. we all know nbc got the exclusive broadcast right to the games, but they are showing everyting late. the ceremony was shown 12 hrs late, and for most of the events i saw so far (on the basic nbc channel), they are at least 30mi...Read more

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My dog.. a portrait

testing a new lens with my dog... does he look smart?

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