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Dragon Boat race in SF

racing under bay bridge..

The SF dragon boat race happened last week in Treasure Island, its interesting that it's held during the chinese mid autumn festival... so they were also having the chinese mid autumn street fair in chinatown on the same day...

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a strong will


"It is very difficult to survive in this world if you have a strong will, but then if you don't have a strong will, life would be quite pointless."

read it somewhere, It sounds contradictory but yet so true...  also remind me of a dialogue in shaolin soccer, "做人如果無夢想﹐同條咸魚有乜分別?" ..

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fewer people, yet more engaging discussions

So the berkeley art center's small film festival happened last weekend, and as expected, it's a smaller scale fest, say, compared to the full house 3min. film fest last month in the Mission area.

It is more like a local event for artist and people living in the community, which is in fact quite an interesting experience. Since it was held at an art center, the discussion atmosphere was actually more serious and engaging than few of the recent fests i attended before.

What is more interestin...Read more

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又或者是個人的問題﹐近來很多處理中的事情都不是太順暢﹐有種get stuck的無力感﹐但又無法改變。




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just saw sicko, interesting..

saw the film yesterday, it's more or less expected, basically it wants to convey a simple point: we have a broken healthcare system and a lot of people are suffering.

just like what most moore's films are, it is like a one-sided story, and we are exposed all the bad things about  the system in US, and all the good things about other countries like england, france, canada and even cuba, that are providing universal healthcare to everyone, including some americans going to cuba for treatment. is it a good film the...Read more

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even though i am never a fan of moore, I am quite interested to check out this film.. just  wondering if anyone has seen it? Any thoughts?

although i wouldn't say i am a vicitm of the healthcare system, i do agree it is strongly crippled.. i have just heard so many bad stories about how unfair and ridiculous a lot of these healthcare programs are.. the lack of care and service (e.g. lost in transalati...Read more

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"Thereafter" showing in hometown

Just got the news that my short film "Thereafter" got into Berkeley Art Center's Small Film Festival. Feeling great about it since it is the first time "Thereafter" is showing in our hometown! The film has been shown at IFVA in Hong Kong, and also a film market in France, but then it never got the chance to play at home!

Date: 9/28

Time: ...Read more

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quake quake..

there are so many earthquakes around the world recently, it suddenly made us realize how fragile life is...

the red cross bay area chapter had an event a couple of days ago at the union square in downtown sf, in which they showed a large painting on the ground, which they called "super crack". it is a simulation of what would happen to union square if a 6.9 or higher magitude struck san fr...Read more

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buffalo vs lions

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU8DDYz68kM interesting video about wildlife... ignore the dumb voice over though...

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screen cap of "dedicated to..."

I just uploaded some screen cap of my latest short "dedicated to". Feel free to check it out.

As I said, it is a short I made for the Root Division's 3 mins. film fest. It is basically a last minute effort and one man band, I am the director/writer/cinematographer/editor/actor and my friends helped with the music.

It was a fun experiment and also my little tribute to the late Michelangelo Antonioni and a dedication to someone.

There is basically no narrative and a rough synops...Read more

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