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2nd day of shooting

our depressed actress

alone in the dark

alone in the dark 2

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Actor Heath Ledger Found Dead

just read the news and i was like, wow, what a shock...and a great pity... i mean, he was definitely one of the most talented and promising actors in the showbusiness...was waiting to see his latest performance as joker in batman dark knight.. may he RIP...

"NEW YORK (AP)  -- Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan residence in a possible drug-related death, police said. He was 28.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the Manhattan apartment believed ...Read more

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1st day of shooting

i really like these buildings...

vp, you looked great and you did a great job!

some stills from 1st day of shooting.. hectic but fruitful day...

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最近又翻看了一次"東尼 瀧谷"﹐一個關於 孤獨的人的故事。這部電影拍得很好﹐尤其是如果你看過原著﹐你會發現電影版是真的成功捕捉了那種感覺﹐那種情懷...


喜歡"東尼 瀧谷"﹐喜歡看見東尼 瀧谷一個人在辦公室內工作﹐木無表情﹐好像什麼都沒有所謂﹐整個世界都不太重要﹐但其實﹐他的內心難掩寂寞。



他後來以為找到了一個替補﹐但是發覺自己還是不能放下﹐有些事情是忘不了﹐放不低﹐找個替身更是不可能...有些人﹐有些事﹐有些經歷﹐...Read more

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Secret Sunshine in SF, director in person

The SF Film Society just hosted a small screening of the Korean film "Secret Sunshine" in San Francisco a couple of days ago, and director Lee Chang-dong also came over from Korea to attend the screening.

lee chang dong (right) greeting the audiences (photo by sh)

the film is about a woman moving to his deceased husband's hometown with his son, but tragedy...Read more

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HOW and WHY about Tiger's attack at SF Zoo.... Who's the victim?

Not sure if you guys heard about the tragedy at the San Francisco Zoo last Chirstmas, three young men were attacked by a tiger that escaped from its grotto, and one of them was killed, the other two injured. the tiger was shot by police on location.

One of the reasons that shocked the people in SF is that, HOW did the tiger come out? The ti...Read more

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2007: 2 miserable incidents; 2008: 2 wishes

Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008! I lost a lot in 2007, I wish 2008 will be a better year for me!

Just to summarize my 2007 a bit, what i lost was definitely more than what i gained. Having the privilege to share my thoughts with you guys here on AnD is definitely the biggest gain for me, but then throughout the year, my mind was actually quite unstable, a lot of unexpected happened, and two incidents happened in the first half of the year especially struck me hard, I just felt like I lost the most precious of m...Read more

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Lonely xmas...I wanna spread my wings, but I just can't fly

thanks wun for taking this pic, like it...

lonely xmas, huh? quite the opposite indeed.. haven't really had a nice christmas party for quite a few years, did have a great one this christmas eve with my friends, enjoyed the nice food and exchanged gifts...

perhaps deep inside, i am feeling a little b...Read more

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Leehom Wang's concert in SF

photo courtesy: vp

just happened to have ticket to leehom wang's xmas concert in SF, and so went to check it out.. thought it is a pretty decent show with very strong and solid music performance.

 honestly, i've never been a fan and almost never listened to his songs before... so i guess i kinda underestimated his popularity.. the auditorium was packed and everyone (mostl...Read more

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Christmas DIY! 聖誕快樂!

Hi all,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Every year I try to make my own Christmas card, but this year I am quite busy, instead I just employed my dog as a model (sure without his permission and no compensation) and made this:

I also make Christmas gifts every year, I guess it also kinda provides a good excuse for me to have some exercises instead of jus...Read more

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