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Lost in connection, looking for...

I was reading some missing persons notice haphazardly and it just suddenly prompted me to a question, do you have any long lost friends you really want to get back in touch?

I mean, even though we always try very hard to keep in touch with those we care, there are always some "lost in connection", some who just disappear without a trace... so if you are given a free  opportunity to search for these missing persons, who would be on your mind?

I guess I have quite some candidates on my mind, the on...Read more

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Thanks AnD!

Thanks AnD for the official artist addition! I feel flattered.. greatly appreciate it!

currently i am working on the pre-production of my next short film, i'll keep you guys updated about it here (that is, if anyone is interested to learn more about it)

thanks again, love you all!

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Audition day2

We had the second round of audtion yesterday night, again, it was a very small and simple audition, we met several potential candidates and they all seemed to be well prepared. Everything went smooth.

with limited time and resources, this time we're trying to typecast, that is, we choose the actors based on their appearance and "feeling", it's probably easier as we don't have to spend too much time to do a makeover or transform them (both internally and externally), and luckily people who look like the characters i...Read more

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Oil Spill in SF Bay

What a disaster to the wildlife.. look at the picture below..it is just so horrible... just one mistake and the environment is doomed. considering how many "mistakes" human being have made throughout the course of history, we should be lucky that we are still alive...

(courtesy: AP)

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Audition day1

Not sure if anyone remembered, i used to write about a new project i am working on. It is gonna be a short film and I am actually moving forward now...

we just had our first day of audition last weekend, since the film only needs a handful of actors and the scenes are rather simple, the audition wasn't as big as last time we worked on "thereafter", but still we did get to meet some interesting people and it went really well.

two of the actresses we met are both awesome and so it was really a difficult task for me...Read more

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earthquake in the bay area

a magnitude 5.6  earthquake hit the bay area a couple of days ago, didnt do much damage but was a shock to a lot of people as it was the largest quake since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake.. i was in sf and could feel the force, but since the epicenter was close to san jose, the impact was much smaller here..as compared to my friends down in sj who was really scared by the shaking...

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having a chat with Justin Lin, the "infamous Breeze Loo" and the gang

(L to R): Sung Kang, Justin Lin, me, Dustin Nguyen and Roger Fan

just met the FTG crew in San Francisco last week, for some work reason. it wasnt really an in-depth conversation but it was still quite enlightening and interesting..

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罷 看《 色 ﹐ 戒 》?

《 色 ﹐ 戒 》上 映 至 今 ﹐ 除 了 文 化 界 提 出 了 比 較 富 深 度 的 討 論 角 度 外 ﹐ 一 般 報 刊 雜 誌 和 普 羅 大 眾 最 關 心 的 ﹐ 始 終 是 究 竟 影 片 的 幾 場 床 戲 有 多 「 色 」? 以 華 語 片 而 言 ﹐ 影 片 的 性 愛 描 寫 大 膽 ﹐ 惹 起 關 注 不 是 奇 事 ﹐ 不 過 最 教 人 驚 訝 的 ﹐ 是 近 日 出 現 了 不 少 針 對 影 片 的 惡 意 批 評 ﹐ 當 中 更 有 人 發 動 杯 葛 行 動 ﹐ 呼 籲 大 眾 罷 看 影 片 。

這 個 杯 葛 行 動 是 由 北 美 洲 一 些 以 華 裔 為 主 的 宗 教 和 家 庭 健 康 團 體 發 起 ﹐ 他 們 認 為 《 色 ﹐ 戒 》的 床 上 戲 過 分 露 骨 ﹐ 有 傷 風 化 ﹐ 所 以 發 起 罷 ...Read more

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nice sofa!

pics by kantorates

looks like a nice sofa!

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Blue Angels in SF

some pics i took last weekend...during the fleetweek show of blue angels.

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