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non-stop fest walk...

In the past few months, I have been to 4 film festivals, seeing quite a number of films. First it is the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival (SFAFF) in March, and then it is the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and then IFVA, and at last the San Francisco International Film Festival...

SFAFF was kinda fun, and the best thing about it is the cheap ticket price... have been attending this fest for quite a few years, this time thank to my job, got some priviledges and caught up with a preview screening of "Dark Ma...Read more

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Hi all

 Hi all,

Just stop by to say hi. I heard from ALIVE (when they were visiting SF last month)  that this site has become an online community for aritist, hope I can get to know some fellow indie filmmakers, especially those in San Francisco.

A little about myself, I have been writing film reviews for this website called cinespot.com for about 10 years, some of my articles are also available on some other publications... also try to make indie shorts, recently completed one called "thereafter" (Daniel and Andrew might remember t...Read more

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Don't forget your dream!


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May 14, 2007

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